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 Roleplaying a death knight

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PostSubject: Roleplaying a death knight   Sat Jun 26, 2010 12:19 pm

Blood :

Blood Drinker
The Blood Drinker is a specific type of Death Knight that has been cursed with an infinite thirst for the blood of the living. Blood Drinkers are perhaps the most volatile and extreme of the Lich King's Scourge army… an army normally marked with the patience of cold death. The Lich King keeps his contingent of Blood Drinkers on a tight leash, only letting them loose in situations where the confusion and terror these shock troops can provoke would prove advantageous. The process of creating a Blood Drinker is a horrific one that involves the complete debasement of the soul and body of the individual. First the blood of the individual is slowly drained from the corpse and replaced with a liquid necromantic agent that feeds upon the life forces around them. Their blood is meanwhile specially preserved and placed in a pool where it is kept constantly heated and warm. Finally, the body is dripped within the pool of their own blood and the body animates, immediately absorbing the former contents of their own body back into it. However the necromantic agent immediately begins its work, devouring the blood and leaving the body craving more. The Blood Drinker, now no more than a savage animal, is then placed in a room containing at least four innocent sentient beings. After the slaughter is finished, the innocent blood has quelled the Blood Drinker long enough for them to swear an oath to the Lich King, who promises to provide them with a steady flow of innocent blood in return for faithful service. Bound by hunger which knows no bounds, the Blood Drinker has little choice but to swear such an oath.

Blood Drinkers are consummate fighters and perhaps the least magically inclined of the Death Knights. Their most prized possession is their blade, which they often alter, specially creating rivets into it weapon for efficient bloodletting. In fact, a Blood Drinker will go to great lengths to modify their armor to have as many blades and sharp ends as possible, turning themselves into living Iron Maidens in order to inflict as much damage as they can. Their blade is always impeccably clean, however their mouth is constantly surrounded by the caked blood of both their enemies… after each cut of flesh, a Blood Drinker cannot resist the urge to drink of their blade, licking it clean. Blood Drinkers are hot headed and quick to engage in fights, as their insatiable hungers quickly devour any patience that the Blood Drinker may have had in life. It is said that a Blood Drinker will be as quick to cut open your throat as to give you a smile, and this is true even among those few who have broken free of the Lich King's grasp. This makes them very difficult to work with, as perhaps no other person will ever be able to match a Blood Drinker's bloodlust, although even just being in his presence tends to drive his allies into fits of blood drunk madness. A Blood Drinker's attacks are fueled by a hate of his curse and the desperate need to fulfill his eternal hunger.

Blood Drinker Iconic Powers

Pestilence - Blood Drinkers are messy combatants. As they strike their enemies, they angle their weapons in just such a way as the blood of their foes is splattered across all nearby… spreading contaminants in their blood to infect any who has the misfortune to be in the spray.

Rune Tap - Those who consume the blood of the living are notoriously hard to kill. Even beaten and bloodied to the limit their bodies will take, a Blood Drinker can fortify his constitution with the blood of his foes, a process which revitalizes him and leaves him ready to return the favor in greater measure.

Hysteria - A Blood Drinker's bloodlust knows no bounds and possibly no other being living or dead will ever feel the hunger that consumes a Blood Drinker… unless the Blood Drinker wills it. By imparting just a fraction of his hunger into an ally, the Blood Drinker forces them into a wild blood frenzy, desiring nothing more than to crush their foes as violently as possible… attacking so recklessly that they harm themselves in the process. Though effective, not many are willing to fight alongside a Blood Drinker after even just briefly touching their vampiric instincts.

Heart Strike - Not content to consume the blood of one enemy at a time, every attack that a Blood Drinker makes seeks to strike not only the target, but their allies as well. The Blood Drinker becomes such an effective fighter that he may make such opportunity attacks, weaving his blade between enemies and cutting both deeply, without weakening his own strikes.

Dancing Rune Weapon - The greatest feat of a Blood Drinker is that after allowing his blade to drench within the blood of his enemies for long enough, he imbues even steel with the same soul rending hunger that he has, driving the blade to animate itself and strike at the enemy in a blood frenzy of its own.

Frost :
Frost Reaver

The Frost Reaver is a Death Knight infused with the chill cold of Death. Ner'zhul, encapsulated in his glacial prison for many years developed an affinity with the cold and often imparted its strength to his most trusted agents. Frost Reavers, like the very glacier upon which their King sits, move slowly but with crushing force towards all those who stand in their path. The Lich King surrounds himself with Frost Reavers more than any other of his servants, trusting in their frozen hearts and cold resolve to protect him should he ever need. Creating a Frost Reaver is a process which requires that the individual be frozen within close proximity of the Lich King for many months to years. As they are suspended in their icy prisons, the soon to be Frost Reavers slowly absorb the evil which instills itself in every frozen ounce of blood in their body until there is not a single bit of it untainted. When they have been forged to the Lich King's liking, the frozen prison will be shattered by a single shard of ice which has been touched by Frostmourne. From this prison is molded a perfect tool of frozen wrath. The Lich King employs Frost Reavers as surgical tools, using their precision and efficiency to accomplish missions of a subtle nature. When they leave their missions, all they leave behind is their glacial presence which chills survivors and onlookers to their very souls.

Frost Reavers are very effective fighters whose natural skills are bolstered by the chilled glacial frost of Icecrown pulsing through their veins. Frost Reavers are beyond focused, once setting out to accomplish something they will never under any circumstance be turned away from their goal. They will pursue a target for years if needed through any terrain in order to destroy them. Frost Reavers carry a variety of tools to do a job, and although they usually specialize in one weapon or weapons they will often adorn themselves in blades and instruments of war, if for no other reason than to be more intimidating to their foes. A Frost Reaver also tends to wear very heavy armor; combined with their large arsenal of weaponry it often creates the look of a walking fortress. Frost Reavers strike with the very heart of winter behind them, quickening the strikes of their blades and sending blasts of howling wind that freezes not only the bodies of their opponents, but also their souls. Fighting with a Frost Reaver is akin to having a chill wind always pushing you forward, making you strike swifter and more precise than you might realize yourself capable of, but also feeling a vast chill crawling inward to your heart.

Frost Reaver Iconic Powers

Icy Touch - The hoar grasp of the Frost Reaver extends far beyond his fingertips. By merely clenching his fist, the target is assaulted with an otherworldly cold that pierces their being and infects them with an ailment that chills their very heart.

Chains of Ice - From the Frost Reaver there is no escape, just as there is no escape from the frozen winds of Northrend. Foes who seek to flee from their winter wrath or to engage from a safe distance will find themselves mired as their feet are frozen in ice as death swiftly approaches.

Icebound Fortitude - The Frost Reaver's defenses do not stop at their armor. Even should one finally penetrate their layers of hard armor, they will find that a Frost Reaver's veins run even harder. By flash freezing their entire body, they become as still and unmovable as a glacier.

Hungering Cold - When foes surround him on all sides, the Frost Reaver will show them first hand the true heart of winter. By unleashing their power outwards, the Frost Reaver causes all space around them to be suddenly leeched of heat. All nearby are frozen instantly for a few moments, a chill which retains within them long after they've thawed.

Howling Blast - The Icecrown Glacier is home to some of the most devastating storms ever to be seen on Azeroth. These storms are imbued in the Frost Reaver's very being and are only barely contained at all times. With but a word, the Frost Reaver unleashes the storm, which billows behind them in an arctic nimbus before screaming outwards, leaving nothing but frozen waste in its path.

Unholy :
Plague Bringer

Plague Bringers are among the rarest soldiers in the Lich King's service. Even among Death Knights, the Lich King valued these heralds of His dark power above all. It was their duty to go out into the world and spread the plagued blight to all living creatures and proclaim the Lich King's dominion over all. It was the Plague Bringers that the Lich King gifted with the greatest of his necromantic powers, the ability to raise ghoul and gargoyle servants as they needed to perform their grim tasks. Plague Bringers worked alone, independent agents of the Lich King that he kept on loose leashes and which perform their will with unholy speed. Even when free of his control, Plague Bringers are intensely independent, shunning companionship among all people… not that many could stand to work with these consummate sadists for long. Where Plague Bringers tread, life is snuffed out by the raw malevolence of their being which blights all that it touches.

Only the most evil and corrupt individuals are chosen to be Plague Bringers by the Lich King. Their task requires a glee for eradication and genocide that would rip apart even the loosest of moral fiber. When serial killers and @%!@*!s are claimed by the plague, necromancers in service to the Lich King create a brew of foulest plague ingredients into which these villains are placed and agents of the Lich King chant the magical words which bind the plague essence to their bodies. When they are ready, they emerge slowly from the cauldron, bodies steaming and smelling of the inside of a charnel house. It is then that the necromancers begun to tutor their new students, teaching them in the ways to force undead into their dominion and to spread plagues of the most vile nature… plagues which now consume the Plague Bringer's body, leaking out with every movement. The diseases they wield are by far the most devastating of any of the Lich King's agents, and even as they infect the living they mutate and evolve to cripple them against future attacks. Their magic is extremely potent for such a strong melee combatant as well, and they are able to weave powerful enchantments to further their goals. Finally, Plague Bringers are stepped in necromantic lore and are able to exercise their powers to control the undead very effectively.

Plague Bringers are nearly universally vile individuals, and even when free of the Lich King's they rarely struggle to control their impulse to infect the whole world around them. They are a blight upon the land, and an enemy to all living things. However, circumstances have resulted in these sadists working with the intelligent races against their former master. No doubt they savor the irony in such a turn of events.

Plague Bringer Iconic Powers

Plague Strike - There is no such thing as a clean strike from a Plague Bringer. Only a touch of their blade causes a rapid infection, the wound festering and spreading throughout their body, assaulting all natural attempts of the body to heal. Many who have survived their initial encounters with Plague Bringers have wished that they had not as their bodies slowly rot away.

Anti-Magic Shell - Besides being masters of the most virulent diseases, Plague Bringers are also consummate necromancers, able to perform powerful enchantments. Among these is the power to suppress all magic around the caster. Even the most powerful invocations are halted completely against the shell of anti-magic.

Death and Decay - Every step that a Plague Bringer takes leaves the ground beneath them barren and lifeless. If the Plague Bringer wills it, she can expand this blighted sphere to inundate a large area with plague magics, rotting the land and all living things in it. Where the enchantment of Death and Decay takes root, nothing may ever grow again, nor may any living thing cross it and remain unshaken.

Corpse Explosion - Nothing is sacred to the Plague Bringer. Even the bodies of fallen enemies become little more than defiled weapons to her. In a touch, the Plague Bringer infects a nearby corpse with an acidic pestilence which brews in the body and in a remarkably short time explodes violently outwards, leaving nothing but chunks of skeleton and meat as remnants.

Unholy Blight - The Plague Bringer make little in the way of friends among civilized people, but among scavengers she is a messiah. Where the Plague Bringer walks, swarms of insects gather, drawn in by the carrion she leaves behind and mutated into undeath by the diseases that emanate from her being. This swarm becomes a part of the Plague Bringer's will, and will viciously attack all non-blighted life around it.

(( I found this and it is rather interesting for Death Knights who want to roleplay but doesn’t know how to start , If I can’t post it here , Srry and delete it And I know it’s a lot to read but it’s usefull , trust me ))
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PostSubject: Re: Roleplaying a death knight   Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:17 pm

Seems ok, just gonna edit some details to make it more legible.
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Roleplaying a death knight
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