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 Death is only the beggining...

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PostSubject: Death is only the beggining...   Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:06 am

(( I finaly found this thing in my old pc... This is from maybe a year ago.. ))

The ruins of Lordaeron were calm tonight. The only ones disturbing the silence were two Death Knights.
"What was there before Scourge? Before the voice...?" one of them asked, looking up at the other. After a short moment came the answer.
"Life." The Dark Patriarch´s voice echoed through the empty ruins.
"Life...?" the other repeated without any visible emotion."Life I would surely remember..."
Dracanos peered at the Knight from atop his Deathcharger. "Some remember, others do not."
Amedeh nodded slowly, no reply.

Moments later the sound of footsteps broke the silence once more, as another figure approached the two. Clad in robes of purple, and hidden away behind a foul troll mask, its wood rotting, His bright green eyes flaring pits visable from the eyeholes.
Dracanos glanced over his shoulder, looking at the approaching figure. "Neophyte.“
"Good evening, Dark Patriarch...“ Akosi bowed deeply, then peered over to the the other knight. "Did I interrupt something?" he asked carefully.
"No." Dracanos turned to watch the ruins again. "I was explaining to this Death Knight, that before death there is always life...“
Amedeh took a deep breath. "Life has ended... In death we are brothers..." he lifted his head up to the Dark Patriarch. "Yet you fight for the living... Why?"
„The Scourge wants to destroy all life, along with Azeroth!“ Akosi spoke. "We fight to put an end to the Scourge!"
Amedeh gritted his teeth. "The living fear death... The dead fear nothing... Those alive are weak! The Scourge will..." he was cut off by the priest.
"I hope you´re not planning to turn on the House and run back to your ‘so called King’..."
The Death Knight let out a low growl as Akosi continued.
"I will not take the change of being backstabbed by one of the Scourge..." glaring at Amedeh. He watched the knight take a few steps towards him.
"You can not decide who and when will stab your back, priest." Amedeh hissed.
"No... but I can strike first." Akosi grinned at the prospect.
"ENOUGH!" the Dark Patriarch´s voice rang through the tranquil ruins and the very tone was enough for both Amedeh and Akosi to give their full attention back to the Dark Patriarch. "I fight for the Dark Lady," Dracanos stated sharply while peering down at Amedeh. "if she wants the Scourge destroyed and Arthas dead, it will be done. Now that she has a weapon against him..." He paused and then continued. "I believe it agonisingly burns both the living and the dead to nothing but ashes in mere seconds.."
Amedeh shuddered at the mention of the weapon. "I know of her weapon..." his voice sounded hollow, something akin to fear filled him.
The Neophyte Death Knight closed his eyes for a moment only to see an entire army of the Scourge simply disappearing in a toxic cloud of what the Forsaken called ‘Forsaken Blight’. And they, the Lich King´s Death Knights, his most greatest, most terrible champions, ran from battle like scared little rabbits, while countless undead around them smouldered and burned within but a moment of impact.
"Decide who you serve Death Knight." the cold voice of the dark Patriarch brought Amedeh back to reality. He opened his eyes to see Akosi´s smirking face staring at him.
Grinning at Amedeh's discomfort Dracanos continued. "The Dark Lady, who possesses a weapon powerful enough to end all life, or the Scourge, which has nothing."
Amedeh´s eyes narrowed. "May I leave?“
"Dismissed.“ the Dark Patriarch said bluntly. That was the answer Amedeh was hoping for. Slowly he walked through the ruins, moving with a haunted purpose. Out of the ruins of once great Lordaeron. Once he reached the crossroads he called forth his Deathcharger, and without a second thought rushed towards the Plaguelands.
From the gates of Lordaeron the shadow priest leaned on a pillar watched Amedeh retreat into the fog and muttered to himself grinning wildly, "Where do you think your going little Death Knight?"

Through the darkness hooves pounded against old paths, splashing in puddles and hurling a Deathcharger and its rider into the night.
"This is all a mistake… my King... my guide.." muttered Amedeh to himself as he rode through Tirisfal glades, weighed heavy with dispair and desperate hope.
Following fast and close behind was Akosi, his soul filled with purpose and devotion to the Dark Lady. Akosi hid behind a tree on his Hawkstrider, following his suspect.

Amedeh built up speed on his Deathcharger and jumped over the Bulwark effortlessly, entering the foul and dark Western Plaguelands. The suprised faces of the Forsaken who had seen the Death Knight were reignited as a Priest wearing a troll mask raced after him.
Akosi grinned. His would-be foe was going to the very place he expected him to go.
His new-found victory was short lived as a mighty paw pulled him off his mount. Akosi yelped as the plague-ridden bear started savaging his left hand. The bear recoiled when he found instead of fresh juicy flesh, blight ridden decay.
The priest planted his hand on the head of the bear. Blood and gore poured from every orifice on the foul bears face, its roars of agony soon stopped and the satisfied grin of the Neophyte grew as he remounted his hawkstrider and persued the Death Knight at top speed.

"Stop! I am your champion, bow before the champion of your king!" roared Amedeh as a zombie gnawed hopelessly on his elbow. The zombie's head flew about five metres backwards soon followed by a splattering of blood from its headless cadaver.
Amedeh sighed and rode on, passing the ruined farmhouses and plagued fields, ignoring the fumes of the plague cauldrons which rose up high into the midnight sky.
The shadow priest followed close behind, grinning at his fortune. The Death Knight had admitted his true allegiance. Following the Death Knight through the old and worn paths, covered in blood and the occasional skull, Akosi rode forth.
"Andorhal.." the dispairing Death Knight muttered to himself. Amedeh dismounted and strode into the infected, condemned town.
Zombies and Ghouls hurled themselves at him but with reluctance the Death Knight tore them apart with ease, cutting a bloody path to the center of the town.
"Why do they not remember?! Why do they strike me?! ME! Their champion!" Cried out the Death Knight in anguish.
Akosi dismounted and ran after the Knight into the town.
Amedeh strode on, covered in the blood of those he had just cut his way through. He has still not given up hope yet. "Surely this is a misunderstanding…" The Death Knight thought to himself.
Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement. Slowly turning his head round he saw nothing but a bush, he shrugged and moved on, nearing the centre of the accursed town.
Akosi let his breath go in a sigh of relief. He quickly took off his robes and put on a set of bloodied rags he had stripped off a zombie. He slowly followed the Death Knight and climbed a wagon to get a closer look.
The Death Knight heard the sounds of wood creaking but did not avert his gaze from the figure near the town centre´s fountain. Surely the wood creak was just some more Scourge, here to witness the return of their beloved champion.
Araj the Summoner peered his great yet terrible skeletal head towards the approaching figure. "Araj! Surely you know me! I am Amedeh, Death Knight of our King! Help me make sense of this misunderstanding!" yelled Amedeh hopefully.
Akosi heard this and peered over at the skeletal figure. It was a Lich, the greatest magicians of the Lich King. Akosi in fear slumped against the top of the wooden wagon, feigning dead in his new outfit.
"You are no champion of the Lich King, puny Death Knight..." hissed the Lich. It then raised its hands, pulsing with darkness and muttering horrible incantations.
Amedeh stared in horror at the Lich and gasped "Wha..WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!?! I am one of the Lich King's Knights!"
The Lich released its spell and the corpses surrounding it with moans and crackles stood up once again, giften with unlife.
"Kill him.." Araj hissed emotionlessly.
"No! You can't do this! I serve the one true King!" yelled Amedeh in terrible emotional agony. The zombies and ghouls surrounded the Knight and lurched towards him. Amedeh swung his runeblade in a 360 degree circle and slew them all in one fell swoop, their innards and blood pouring onto the pavement below.
"You are not worthy of serving the King!" yelled Amedeh angrily as he pointed his runeblade at Araj. The lich responded by throwing a bolt of frost at the Death Knight.
The bolt exploded against Amedeh's saronite armour with little effect. The Death Knight slowly approached the Lich, magic being hurled at him and doing little more than slowing him down. Amedeh threw himself forward and plunged his sword into the chest of the Lich, swifly cutting in different directions with a foul expertise.
The Lich exploded, bones falling down to the ground, his spirit flying away with a hiss.
Amedeh kicked at the bones then turned around, looking at a dead blood elf on the roof of a carriage. Something about that elf was strangely familiar.
The Death Knight shook his head, then turned around, prepared to leave the town and he noticed the dead Blood elf was no longer there.
"Come out living one and meet your fate at the edge of my blade." commanded the Death Knight. From behind the carriage a blood elf threw himself into the road and faced the Death Knight. "You traitor..." the elf yelled.
"You! you followed me?!?" the Death Knight said suprised.
Akosi grimaced and replied "Yes... I saw you try and go back to your foul King.."
The Death Knight's face flashed with anger before composing itself once again. "He is my King and I will serve him! As will all in due time!" he shouted fanatically.
"No! the Dark Lady and the Horde, which serves as her cannon fodder will end the reign of your traitor King!" Akosi said agressively.
Amedeh looked at the priest with anger in his shining blue eyes and replied "No..they will all fall down before the Lich King, and I will aid him, as one of his champions!"
The other elf shook his head sadly and informed "Your King no longer wants you! He betrayed you, as he betrayed his father, his people, his kingdom. The mercenaries who fought for him and his own soldiers and friends! You are just the most recent in a series of betrayals by Arthas Menethil and Ner'Zhul, the foul Lich King!"
An uneasy silence filled the scene.
Suddenly Amedeh yelled "NO!"
Heavy footsteps hit the path as the knight, sword raised, charged towards the priest, filled with rage.
Akosi cast spell after spell at him, the shadowy energy rebounding off the Death Knight with no apparent harm done.
Amedeh slammed the blunt of his sword forcefully into Akosi and knocked him to the ground, pinning him down by the chest using his saronite boot. He cackled and swung his blade at the elf´s neck in an attempt to finish him off.
The shadow priest moved his left arm in the way. The arm flew across the path and hit a dead tree, blood flying over it, as Akosi let out a cry of agony.
Yellow eyes of the plagued beasts lurked in the darkness, ready to feed on the soon to be carrion.
The priest grimaced and spat out blood "Finish me Death Knight, my death means nothing. Your king will be slain by the Dark Lady."
Amedeh laughed, pulled him up by his hair and dragged him towards the small square in the middle of Andorhal, its undead inhabitants looking over to Akosi with hunger in their dead eyes.
"No Priest! Your Dark Lady will die… The King will slay her, and you will aid the him in his war!"
Akosi's eyes filled with dread and he yelled "I will not serve him!"
The Death Knight smirked and replied "The choice… Is not yours…!" before throwing Akosi with incredible strength into the middle of the square, his body soon beared down upon by a mob of undead, both great and small.
Amedeh laughed to himself as he heard the screams of pain from Akosi's encounter with the Scourge. With a satisfied grin he summoned his deathcharger and rode off into the darkness.

The Dark Patriarch paced the halls of Undercity and turned his head around when he saw a Death Knight walk past.
"Where have you been Neophyte?" asked Dracanos suspiciously.
Amedeh glanced at his bloodied armor and quickly replied "Killing... Scourge."
The Dark Patriarch nodded slowly then said "Very well. Remember who your true master is now."
He other knight paused and then replied "I always... remember."

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Payback time is nearing,
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PostSubject: Re: Death is only the beggining...   Sat Feb 27, 2010 12:13 pm

I had read it on the old forums, nice stuff Daiders!
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PostSubject: Re: Death is only the beggining...   Sat Feb 27, 2010 1:03 pm

I thought I should find it in the trash, since Amedeh is now sitting in UC again, annoying the Apothecaries whenever possible.. and having bitch-fights with Ras Razz

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Payback time is nearing,
and then our flag will fly...
against a blood-red sky!
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PostSubject: Re: Death is only the beggining...   

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Death is only the beggining...
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