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 Lord Magnark Returns

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Doctor Plaguous


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PostSubject: Lord Magnark Returns   Sat Dec 19, 2009 10:24 pm

Lord Magnark sat at his massive desk deep within the bowels of the Undercity. Having not emerged from his laboratory which he sealed tightly for two months he pondered on thoughts his psychic mind had come across.

“Mutiny. That is what I sense. Trouble stirs within our ranks. Hm. “

He slowly gazed over the long narrow hall that was his laboratory. The stagnant smell of rot and dampness filled the dense air. Countless piles of bones and rotting corpses of humans lay over tables and littered the floor.

“I shall return to the surface and judge this.”

He gazed around, as if checking for listeners. Moving over to a huge board that was fitted to the wall covered in scientific yitterings he took a piece of chalk and circled what seemed to be a mathematical formula - a very complex one. He then copied it down onto a parchment, and folded it up inside his black robes.

He smirked to himself, a sickly expression of delight.

“The perfect recipe.”

He laughed and walked through a narrow passage. The passage ended and met a door. Moving through the door there was another long, narrow hall. Filled with cages, it was. Packed in like battery hens, there were humans. Some barely alive. Some dead. Slain by the sordid negligence of Archnazg's experiments and keeping.

They cowered in fear, some were driven mindless through the torments of captivity. Whimpering was heard. They had lived here for some months, kept alive by Archnazg's devilry. He paced along the hall, cages to either side of him. The room was dark, a sick green light was emited from the torches on the wall, however. There could have been upto 50 humans kept here.

“I will give you the chance to escape me. I have always considered myself a generous host. I do enjoy some sport.”

“I’LL KILL YOU! You bastard! You sick, twisted beast! You’re an animal! An ANIMAL! He was only FIVE years old!!” A young lady looked at him, screaming and shouting, and then broke down into a heap, inside her cage.

Archnazg walked over.

“Manners, where are yours?” He chuckled, and walked towards the door. He muttered a few words under his breath, the cage doors opened. “Enjoy. It’s a version I made myself. It takes a few hours to finish the job.” He cackled and flipped a small vial of a green liquid onto the ground, it smashed. He sealed the door behind him, and as he walked through the tunnels the screams and cries of suffering and pain echoed the tainted halls.

He looked at the parchment with the formula on it, and smiled. He secured it tightly within his robes. He then proceeded to set fire to his laboratory, erasing all evidence of his result.
He walked out of the blazing inferno as a black shape, his brilliant black shadowform soon fading. He held in his hand a staff, his robes were of excellence as he prepared to meet with the Banshee Queen.

He made his way up through the halls. Finally he reached the surface after some hours. He summoned forth his mighty dreadsteed and blasted along the streets of the Undercity like a hurricane. Catching glimpses of orcs marching through the street he became puzzled and angry. As he got to the throne room he saw the Kor Kron captain and sneered.
“What is this devilry” he thought to himself.

He banished his mount and knelt before the Queen of the Forsaken at the bottom of her rise. She towered over the shadow priest. Her burning red eyes scanning him from under her thick black hood. The chilling, hideous presence of the Dark Lady was ever more present.

“My lady. It is complete.”

After his meeting with the Queen he returned to Fenris Keep unnoticed, in the shadows.

"Now. To sort affairs out. Where is Lady De La Saronno... for I much desire to speak to her." He spoke to the Dark Ranger Octavian Duskflow.

"I shall seek her out immediatly, Dark Lord."

Archnazg smiled twistedly and set to gazing out of the large ornate window. Thunder and lightning crashed all around the keep, the freezing presence of the Lord of the manor was back.
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Othragon Rotarm


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PostSubject: Re: Lord Magnark Returns   Sun Dec 20, 2009 7:10 pm

(( Shit archeh... your stories are pure Undead stuff! Ace! ))

The sight of a great fire cuts the night air as the Hillsbrad village town hall burns down to the ground.

Around the building, desperate humans run senseless and scream in agony. Mothers are seen carrying their children's cut off heads, bodies hang from trees, some still twitching, persons suffering in agony as they behold their dismemeberd limbs being devoured by the assailants. Screams of terror echoe all over the farmsteads.

The village Magister is tied up to an undead steed and his flesh is torn asunder by the dirt as he is dragged through it. His face nothing more then a twisted pulp of beaten up meat. Riding the steed is an armor clad Undead, spitting out orders to the other undead. all wearing dark garments, barely seen except for their maniac glowing yellow eyes.

"Make no prisioners! Leave none alive! Feast on their flesh!" Each order makes the other undead creatures more fervorous and barbaric in their butchering frenzy, hacking and maiming the human's flesh with abandon. Next to the mounted warrior, a female forsaken whispers him words of concearn: My lord, such display of savagery... is it really called for? He answers back without so much as looking at her: Yes Darthalia... we shall strike through the night, slay their children, women and old. Fear will grow deep within their hearts... i confess a swift chemichal strike would please me more, but we must resort to such ways untill out beloved Governor's research is complete... i sense the time is near...

As the dawn rises, the clarity of the day reveals the brutality of the Forsaken attack. None is left standing, plees of agony and despair infest the air. Vengeance upon the humans came during the night and left before the sun awoke in the horizon... terror will now inhabit this place, and soon, all of the Foothills...
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Doctor Plaguous


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PostSubject: Re: Lord Magnark Returns   Sun Dec 20, 2009 11:29 pm

(( Nice >Smile ))

Archnazg sat at his massive, ornate oak desk, littered with traces of alchemy and necromancy. Piles of tomes walled in the governor as he sat over a tall glass of dark red wine. Old candles lit the room in a twisted paleness. Behind him, looking out of his huge, ancient window the Lake Lordamere roared with excitement, thunder and lightning luminated the room for a split second, revealing the hideous instruments of death kept by the former Dark Lord.

His hood fell down over his face, only could his vile teeth and jaw be seen in the dimly lit room. He sipped from the wine, gazing silently into the darkness of the room.

"I see..." He whispered to himself.

"Tomorrow it shall be, then." He continued.
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PostSubject: Re: Lord Magnark Returns   

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Lord Magnark Returns
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