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 The Demiso of Lord Archnazg

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Othragon Rotarm


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PostSubject: The Demiso of Lord Archnazg   Tue Dec 15, 2009 11:46 pm

(( old story, back when Archeh turned to Vas ))

Rain fell down that night. A foul, dirty rain that covered the land in a grey-ish tone of dirt. Sheltered within Gallow's End, Othragon was setting up his departure to Grom'Gol when High Executor Zygrand came in and delivered the grim news.

Even though his path had set aside the Forsaken's ideals, his rotten body suddently loss strenght and was forced to sit in one of the wooden benches. Archnazg dead... his Governor, Master Apothecarium and most of all a character that vouched for him and always made his job as captain of the Dethguard an easy one, such was the expedience in wich he ruled.

Great sadness took upon Othragon that day, increasing his daily torment... However he knew deep within him that even though Archnazg's body might have been destroyed beyond repair, his essence would somehow found his way back tho his Queen once again... this last thoughts were accidentally spoken out loud, and Zygrand, that stood close, was obliged to agree:

"Let us hope so... We have taken enough blows, our cause must not be weakened in such a critical time... "

The two Forsaken silenlty nodded at each other. Even though set upon different objectives, the same will binded them... a will that would resist any change of tides and times...
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The Demiso of Lord Archnazg
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