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 Caaell Breth Crimar

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PostSubject: Caaell Breth Crimar   Tue Dec 08, 2009 1:44 am

Basic Information

Character Name: Caael Breth Crimar
Character Age: 36 on date of death, chronologically 41
Character Race: Forsaken
Sex: Male
Family: Human Wife & 2 children presumed living still
Title(s): Alchemist
Role in the House: Apothecary/Alchemic Researcher


Hair Colour: Bald
Eye Colour: Yellow
Skin Colour: Grey

Weapons used
Staves, wands, sometimes swords

Armour/garments used, in and out of battle

Currently, a red and purple garb, with a crooked hat sitting upon his head. Same for in and out of battle as the garb is elaborate.

Magics/spells used

Usually sends minions to do his bidding, in particular his Voidwalker, Zangzazt.
As for his own spells, he mainly prioritises in shadow magic such as Corruption and Curse of Agony.

Professions studied and to what ability

Alchemy and Herbalism; strong desire to pursue the alchemic arts to help the creation of the new plague.


Extremely enthusiastic and passionate not only about his arts in the ways of the Warlock, but his Apothecary studies, Caaell is a driven individual, in total servitude to the cause of Sylvannas and the new plague.

Seeking out his lost family he once had in his human lifetime, a thirst for knowledge to discover their fate consumes Caaell, thinking of little else. As a result, he is very focused on his goals, confiding in few who can help him achieve the means to reach his goal.

Much more open about his human history than other Forsaken, as he is much more human than others of his race who are feral. However Caaell sees his human elements as an assett, but also a setback as he still retains many of his human morals

Neutral Evil; his two purposes are to aid the creation of the new plague, and find the fate of his human family

Likes: Alchemy, Fel Arts, Socialising (More than average forsaken at least)
Dislikes: The scourge, his limited negotiation ablility due to his undead identity
Persuasion techniques: Various concoctions and elixirs he has created are forced down the victims throat under restraint from Zangzazt
Seeks to become: An extremely potent alchemist to aid the creation of the New Plague, and a sufficiently skilled Warlock to obtain closure of his family's fate.
Looks up to: Sylvanas, Faranell, Putress
Envies: The living, in particular his family, who are either alive among humans or dead; both fates Caaell would prefer to undeath.
Most used method of slaying a captured foe:Banish them to the netherworld, or allow his minions to despatch of them
Most proud of: While living, his family, while dead, his position among the RAS
Most ashamed of: Leaving his family in Lordaeron with rumours of the scourge ripe; ultimately leading to the loss of his family
Ultimate dream: Return to his family; wipe out the scourge using the new plague


Born in:Lordaeron
Pre-House info: [See Biog]
Born into Aristocracy, Caaell had whatever he wanted as a child but persued knowledge of the arcane.However after a few brush ins with cults, he resigned to his fathers Agricultural empire.

After meeting the love of his life, the painful memories of the cults are finally erased from his memories.Finally content, he bears two children with his beloved. Though his perfect life is not to last long. After a scourge attack separates him from his family on his estate, he searches high and low for them, eventually joining a group of refugees after the attack, while the scourge spreads through Lordaeron.

After lead after lead on his family's whereabouts, he is ambushed by Scourge soldiers, who mercilessly slay his group. However it was not long before he is ressurected as a scourge pawn. Sent out on patrols, year after year during the fall of Lordaeron and the scourge power, he finds a refugee family and cuts them down. However he begins to remember his humanity, and blacks out over the corpses.

Awakening, he finds that the corpses are gone. Had he just killed his family, after so long searching, the curse of the scourge caused him to destroy them? He refused to believe it, and after being found by a group of Forsaken scouts, he is taken to the undercity while the Forsaken explain the rise of Sylvannas.

Caaell now pledges himself to the arts of fel he once was so scarred from, in a continued quest for knowledge to find his family. Working in the apothecarium also, he strives to become a powerful Apothecary, to aid in the creation of the New Plague to exact revenge on the scourge. Filled with a new sense of purpose, Caaell is ever vigilant in his quest for knowledge, closure and revenge.
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PostSubject: Re: Caaell Breth Crimar   Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:20 am

Nice info mate!

Apothecarion rp for the win!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Caaell Breth Crimar   Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:58 pm

Oh yea, apothecaries ftw Very Happy
And great info :]


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PostSubject: Re: Caaell Breth Crimar   

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Caaell Breth Crimar
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