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PostSubject: Lydia   Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:26 pm

Basic Information

Character Name: Lydia Hawksong

Character Age: 75 (give or take a few years, no one knows exactly) (using the WoWwiki life spans thingey as guildeline)

Character Race: Blood Elf

Sex: Female


Title(s): Miss / none
Role in the House: Neophyte

Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Green with some purple in it.
Skin Colour: Very light, near to white but healthy looking.

Weapons used
Sometimes a dagger, sometimes a throwing dagger, mostly spells.

Armour/garments used, in and out of battle
All kinds of things. Nothing really permanent.

Magics/spells used
Either shadow magic or the holy light. Mostly shadow magic due to its destructive nature.

Professions studied and to what ability
Alchemy, Cooking, Herbalism and fishing. All except for fishing above 400.

Naive and gullable, easy to manipulate and easy to scare. Can however get moments of insane courage and do something which is mostly not really thought through without any sign of fear. May seem even a bit schitzophrenic since at one moment she's shy and the next she's very agressive and forthcoming.

mix between Neutral Good and Chaotic Neutral or even Chaotic evil, depending on the situation

Likes: Freedom, Company, Magic, a good structured society etc...

Dislikes: Chaos, Gnomes, Scarlets, cruel people, a good number of Blood elves

Persuasion techniques: a charming smile, magic, and if needed fear and blunt force. (like... do this for me or I will slowly squeeze the life out of your body). All kinds of, depending on the situation and the one she has to persuade.

Seeks to become: Learn more, become more powerful and a better alchemist.

Looks up to: Her superiors, Relicia in particular.

Envies: That son of a ***** who broke Lydia's heart and life.

Most used method of slaying a captured foe: Breaking their minds and spirits, leaving the flesh shell intact.
Most proud of: Escaping out of a prison using no magic at all.
Most ashamed of: No one will find out anyway... so no real point in telling it :p
Ultimate dream: Dreams... wonderful dreams...


Born in: Windrunner Village.

Pre-House info: Drama in Sang Real

Biography: Will come soon (I hope)
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