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Othragon Rotarm


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PostSubject: Siblings   Sun Nov 22, 2009 3:39 pm

Alliance forward base camp
June, the first

Just got the letter. My parents are dead. And so is my little brother i never got to know. Next to me there is a soldier dying from an infected orc blade wound. I can hear them howling past the barricades. What is the point of grinding the frontlines if we can't even keep our families safe back at home?

None of this should concearn me, i left home and now i am nothing more then a tool. I will carry on my part of the bargain, with or without the paladins and their holy light's guidance. My faith in the power of good is strong, and it shall guide my blade into banishing these evil beasts once and for all.

November, 28

The war was won, at great cost. Our King has lost his life and many of our kin has fled to Lordaeron hoping to forget the nightmare and rebuild their lives. I still haven't been home. I should honor my father's grave, but... i feel souless and void of emotion. While sitting idly in the tavern all i can think about is how could faith mistreat us this way. Of course, we were received like heroes. but who cares for glory and shiny metal coins when you lack a purpose and have suffered what i have? No, they will not make a pawn out of me again - I shall travel to Lordaeron aswell but first... i will go home and honor my father's grave.

December, 10

I am writing this over the wreck where my youth was spent. The orcs left almost none behind, but the few survivors tell me my little brother was somehow spared and taken by paladins of the Silver Hand. His existance will be one of servitude, deprived of freedom and free will. I cherish this child i never got to know and yet i feel he has a great weight in my own future somehow. Turion, the recovering villagers tell he was called. Even his name is a memento to me... May your fate be brighter then mine, little brother.

Menethil Harbor
August 25

Many years have passed since i last wrote to you, my conscience. I am now a renegade, scolded and frowned upon by others. Such is the fate of yesterday's heroes in these times of peace. We resemble unwanted relics from the past who live to embarass the diplomats and the polithicians. Even our youth is careless these days, and humanity rests it's faith on two mundane princes, more concearned about where the next carnival will be, totally oblivious to the horrors of war. I hear by tell-tale that my brother has become a fine paladin, under the command of Mograine. I relish you now, my sibling, even knowing your life is not your own, you kept your honor and your head raised high. May you never descent into this darkness that begins to consume me in this damped, god forsaken place.

October 9

Rumours of some sort of sickness ravaging Lordaeron comes to me under the form of a squealing troll i have just captured and tortured. Apparently this disease turns people into mindless canibalizing beasts, characterized by the rotting of the flesh and an apparent lack of free will yet murderous intentions and determination. All of that pales in the light of the horrors i have seen. I am sure you will be able to surpass this, Turion. I am travelling to the mytical realm of Quel'Thalas. There will i seek the soothness of the elf's embrace and my final rest, hopefully.

Eversong Woods
November 11

The elfs have welcomed me despite my rude appearence and words. Their blue eyes can pierce deep into my soul, and some sort of goodness they musy have seen, for they house me and many of them have taken interest in the tales i still bare to tell about the war. I feel rested now, and will soon depart to better shores... i
'm leaving you my sword brother, may you always believe in the strenght of the Alliance and the might that comes from performing good actions. This the elven kin has confirmed to me, in their magic stupour. There is great power in good, Turion, never forget this, and live your days with honour and altruism.

Ruins of Silvermoon City
November 24

This is my last memory. I can feel now as the plague takes over my sick body, spreading like fire from this wound in my chest. All is lost to me. The glorious elfs have been slaughtered and lie next to me in piles of mutilated bodies, devoided of their life sustaining Sunwell. My last breaths were spent in battle alongside them. but it was all useless. I have no strenght in me to hate the culpit of this, the treachorous prince Menethil. All my thoughts go to you now, Turion. You don't even know about my existence but i have great faith in you, little brother. You will succeed where i failed and will surpass these dark, dark times. Goodbye, blood of my blood, sibling of mine...

Turgon Fireshield

-and suddently a voice takes over my mind and posesses all my senses-

".... Your will is not your own.

Bow now to your master and rise, Death Knight of the Scourge...

for All Life Must End.... "
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PostSubject: Re: Siblings   Sun Nov 22, 2009 9:43 pm

awesome :]
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