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PostSubject: enrollment   Sat Nov 14, 2009 11:34 pm

Full name of your character: Apothecary Furacore

Character race: Forsaken

Character class and level: Warrior swordsmen crrently 75

Character age: I was nearlly turning 18 in November untill I was killed, currently unknown cant recall the last time any one care about my birthday, so I dont either

Brief Character History:Raised in a small house in the town of Brill with little money, when I was older enough, I was picked apon on the out skirts of Brill by a little man with a long beard.

I met a man by the nam of Austil De Mon who then decided he would trained me in the art of war , which eventurely leaded to me Recruiting into the war its self where I met a blood elf by the name of Tarrelin the war against the Leaders of the allaince

The battle was nerly over and we were loosing, so before we had come to our fates, we made a blood pact, we cut our palms and shook hands and said,''No matter what the out come or what happens, we would always be there no matter what, and we would become brothers till the end of time. that is why I am now known as Furacore and Tarrel is known as Tarrelcore from that day on.

Overall Description:. Average hight, disfigured facial features, And a cut on my right palm. Trainned in the art of war

Personality: Am always trying new thing out, never following the flock of sheep, My flaw is that my speach is not quite understandible because of the lack of a surporting jaw,often go to brill to see my parents grave stone and to make sure the town is safe from allaince invasion,and from time to time I meet up with my blood brother, Tarrelcore
To see how he is and if he has any problems that he need assistance with.

Rate your character's power: I may vary in number I am as strong as the muscle in the arm that you raise or as weak as it requires to be .
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PostSubject: Re: enrollment   Tue Nov 17, 2009 8:28 pm

Thank you for the application.
Please contact an officer in-game to arrange your interview.


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