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 [RP] Messages to the Councillors

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Doctor Plaguous


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PostSubject: [RP] Messages to the Councillors   Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:16 pm

Dear Councillor,

Your powers that come with your rank are now fully reinstated.

The Dark Lord is now Lord Macaberius, and I shall be ruling under him as your Prime Consul.

I beg you attend the summoning tomorrow afternoon when the Dark Lord's announcement will be made full.

Prime Consul Isen Plaguous

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PostSubject: Re: [RP] Messages to the Councillors   Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:33 am

Sitting by the desk in her private study Jayantheney reads the short message from the newly invented prime consul. Then she reads it again.

"I guess it was all true then" she says to the other elf in the room. "Just look at this, he's even trying to make it sound like the gathering we called for this afternoon is actually his."

She hands the note to the elf sitting by the fireplace, to ler him read it for himself. While he does so, she leans back in her chair and sighs.

"This does nothing to help my stage fright... Talking in front of all this people is bad enough. But it changes nothing, of course. The gathering this afternoon will happen just as we planned it already."

She stares out the window for a while, her mind playing for her the million ways this day could go wrong. But then she shakes her head and turns back to the so very important document she had been studying. Best to be prepared.
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[RP] Messages to the Councillors
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