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 The Demise of the Dawnrunner....

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PostSubject: The Demise of the Dawnrunner....   Mon Feb 28, 2011 9:18 pm

((A movie-esque type scenario, lore might have been bent for dramatic effect ofc! IC this is to explain Arcts disappearance he lead troops in secret to battle the Worgen to let him go out in style as his impatience for results got the better of him...))

Arcturas sat atop his Death Charger at the head of the column as some two-hundred or so soldiers and cavalry he assigned to his command snaked through the Silverpine landscape. It must have been just after 11 o'clock at night as they reached near enough to begin preparations.
The Forsaken army marched into position.

"Hold rank and file! Shadowstalkers proceed, cavalry with me, High Executor take the Death Guard and fork left into the woodland." Dawnrunner yelled commands as the vast stretch of stagnant corpse ridden bog land was illuminated by a few torch carriers so that the troops could see better.

The army positioned itself, Arcturas at the head, banner carriers and torches blazing along the spectacle. He peered at his pocket-watch.

"My brothers and sisters! ... This night I have lead you to the eve of one the biggest military successes of my, and indeed your careers! The Worgen have been testing us for to long now, I say it is time for us to test them! They haunt these wilds like the vermin they are ransacking our settlements and causing havoc for our war efforts! No more shall this be the case! Fight with pride and show no mercy and above all fight for our Queen for she watches over us!" Arcturas turned his head back to the stretch of land ahead of them.

"Cavalry! .... Form up!"

The warhorses lurched forward and began at a slow trot, gradually picking up the pace to a canter. Arcturas looked up to a high ridge as one flaming arrow tore through the nightsky, the signal from the shadowstalkers.

"CHARGE!!" the order rang out through the trees and was followed by the sound of clattering armour and weapons as the entire regiment began to swarm forward, the cavalry now in full gallop kicking up the mud, closer they came to the Worgen encampments the lights so near.

All of a sudden the odd cavalryman began to drop, horses ejected from underneath them falling with a trip and dull thud to the muddy ground, another and another fell as the regiment hurtled forward relentlessly, horses tripping on those who had already fallen as the muddy ground began to get deeper closer to the camps. The charge broken by the sudden change in footing a trap maybe? As horses began to struggle through the quagmire, another volley of arrows tore into the Forsaken line and another, an arrow embedding itself into Arcturas's shoulder who's horse long with other was almost clear of the the sludge but sinking fast, more arrows flew with precision as they found their targets banners falling and the night air erupting with the cries of battle

The howls started, hundreds of them baying at the moon as they began to draw closer to the now hindered Forsaken

"Keep moving!" the cavalry that managed to get free now found themselves a broken unit in the Worgen camps that seemed abandoned, no signs of life, the troops formed up keeping their weapons drawn peering all around for any sign of the enemy.

Another flaming arrow, the second signal, broke the darkness followed by the charge of the Death Guard from out the woods, they to found themselves confronted with nothing but hundreds of empty tents and lone campfires. Another volley of arrows flew out the darkness into the confused Forsaken killing a large portion of the unit.

"What in the name of Sylvanas..." Arcturas drew his runeblade, now dismounted from his steed he hurried to the bulk of the Forsaken force along with others who made it past the deep mud.

The howling stopped, silence crept in only the chattering of armour and crackle of torches could be heard a few eerie minutes past...

" lord...? Orders sir?!" The High Executor shouted.

The howling began again accompanied by the sound of running .... all around the sounds of heavy, running steps getting louder and louder

Arcturas peered all around "Form up!" he pulled their collars and grabbed the soldiers pushing them into a defensive formation the loss of numbers now horrifyingly apparent to him. "Stand firm! Hold!"

No sooner had he finished the order and the odd Worgen began charging out the darkness followed by more and more, the Forsaken now in a square formation lances locked inbetween shields and those who had guns firing into the darkness. "Come on you flea bitten bastards!" he roared then peering up to the ridge to where the flaming arrows had come from to signal the Forsaken attack. The moon silhouetting the rocks. From behind his helm Dawnrunner's face dropped, Worgen stood where the shadowstalkers where sent, one of them holding a limp corpse of the Forsaken spy's in the air another, from what he could make out holding a bow and another flaming arrow that the beast fired into the night...

Arcturas's blackened heart dropped "....Tricked."

As the arrow soared time stood still for Arcturas his eyes tracking it in the starry sky the full force of the Worgen now baring down upon them, the beasts tore into the defensive formation their sheer numbers overwhelming the Forsaken who tried to put up a valiant fight.
Arcturas grabbed one of the mongrels by the throat and drove his sword straight through it but he to was overwhelmed. Three, four, five Worgen tearing at his armour bitting furiously at him as his sword was torn from his hand, with his armour clad fists he drove his spiked gauntlets into another Worgen's snarling head as one more leapt on him with it's razor sharp claws and pulled his chest piece off, plunging it's claws into his exposed chest cavity. His body lurched as shadow energy, necromantic magic and his near black blood flowed out before he was torn apart by another five Worgen joining the frenzy over his slowly falling body, the purple of the runes fading on the armour as he hit the ground Worgen tearing into him.
With what energy he could muster he grabbed one of the beasts by the throat choking it with his dying breath, the last cries of his troops filling the air the beast fell and with that so did he. Armour hanging off him the once all powerful Knight now a bloodied broken mess being dragged away.

The defiant cries and yells of his troops fading into the darkness every one of them to have their names added to a list of those killed in action....

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PostSubject: Re: The Demise of the Dawnrunner....   Tue Mar 01, 2011 3:34 pm

Jayantheney stood frozen on the doorstep to the Dark Lord's private chambers.

After the incident at Winter's Veil she had never gone there when he was out before, but she broke her habit now.

It was dead silent and empty, not a life in it. The room was as gloomy as always, only dimly lit.

And it was empty.

The ghost were all gone.

She could think of only one reason why they would be gone.

They were free, released from her uncle's control.

She let out a choked, involuntary cry.


In a brief moment of clarity, she stumbled into the room and shut the door behind her, before she sank to the floor. She was orphaned again, all alone. All she had and all she was, was thanks to him. He gave her the strength and security she needed, something to strive for and a purpose.

And he was gone.

She felt like she was falling, the floor had been ripped away underneath her and she was tumbling helplessly into the dark below. She cried, her thin form shaking with sobs. This felt like the end of everything.

She stayed in the room for a long time, emerging hours later once she managed to compose an appearance that at least resembled calm. She knew that she couldn't show her grief, her weakness.

Not now.

Not here.

She wasn't safe anymore. Nothing was.
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The Demise of the Dawnrunner....
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