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 Council meeting – 26 Feb

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PostSubject: Council meeting – 26 Feb   Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:46 pm

At the meeting were Servalas, Agustabell and Jayantheney.

Servalas reported that the attack on the humans was a success. Both the population in the west parts of the glades as well as those in the monastery have been almost entirely wiped out. A large armory was found in the monastery, and Neophyte Drakortha was set to take care of it. Doctor Plaguous was tasked with looking through the extensive library kept in the monastery and salvage wathever was found useful. It is expected that the humans will return, but it should not be for several months.

Reports from the Plaguelands tell that parts of the Scarlet Crusade has turned undead, how large a part yet to be defined. The name Balnazzar was mentioned in connection to this, but what part he has played in the change is unknown. Neophyte Drakortha and Zealot Svarvsven were sent back to investigate further.

A new councilor was needed to fill the space left by Razéal and there had been two volunteers, Doctor Plaguous and Dracanos Sunbrand. After some discussion it was unanimously agreed that a death knight seemed the more suitable one to take care of Razéal's work, being primarily in charge of military matters of the House, and Dracanos was chosen as the new council member.

It was also decided to grant Svarvsven the role as the new governor of Brill, as he has volunteered for the title and the place has been vacant for some time now.
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Council meeting – 26 Feb
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