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Septicess VonGrimme

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PostSubject: Anticipation   Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:48 pm

A low pitched, ghostly tone danced through one of the many hallways of the Lordaeron ruins, enough to intimidate any living being with a hint of common sense, but this particular subject - a grey, flea bitten rodent - was starving, it's stomach knotted from the detrimental effects of living off decaying skin flakes and conspicuously colored puddles in the Magic Quarter.

Almost blinded through it's questionable diet, both in sight and reasoning, the rat relied purely on it's heightened sense of smell to navigate for food and it's current target was what had the distinct, pungent aroma of Mag'har Mild.

The creature's overgrown toenails trickled across the stone floor as it followed the exotic stench of the dairy. Scampering back and forth, the frost-bitten draft that chilled the ruins misguided the animal, causing it to meander from side to side rather than straight forward, a factor that annoyed the Forsaken that stood a few feet away from the slice of food.

Leering at the brain-dead rodent, Septicess leaned against the sturdy wooden table that he had only hours before used his manipulative skills to have a couple of dim-witted, off duty Kor'kron Orcs transport. He was, of course, far too important and his time too precious to do such menial work himself and if the Orcs were going to maintain their presence in the Undercity, he would make the most of their muscle.

As the rat grew closer to its goal, it suddenly stopped, concerned by the hollow sound echoing through the hallway from Septicess' exposed larynx. Annoyed, the Plague Doctor glared at the rat, in his mind swearing at the its newfound sense of concern, but maintained his focus on the situation, his hand reaching across the table, past the mutilated corpses of other gnawers, and a group of empty vials, to a conical flask containing a bubbling, clear liquid.

Slowly lifting it, careful not to make any noise which may have caused the rat to flee, Septicess took aim and with a swift motion, threw the flask over, smashing it just next to where the rat was paused, up on it's hind legs, tracking the scent. The liquid spilled across the floor and almost un-noticeable, pale green vapors

Startled, the rat attempted to run towards an escape route, a hole in one of the walls, but stalled after a matter of feet, dropping onto it's stomach. The Warlock continued observing the scene as the creature began to wretch, painfully, twisting and writhing on the floor in a manner which even unnerved Septicess, who was hardened to such reactions through his previous ventures.

The rodent's head almost entirely covered in froth, it let out one final squeak before it dropped, its lifeline was extinguished. Pleased, if not slightly bothered by the reaction, the Plague Doctor turned back to the table and bundled the items together using a cloth that they were laid out on.

Happy that the bag was secured around his belt, he gathered the slice of wasted cheese and the corpses of his subjects by their ropey tails. Ensuring that no trail of his works were left, he made his way out into the open ruins, quickly discarding of the rubbish into the bubbling green waters, hearing a violent hiss as they made contact with the surface, instantly beginning to dissolve.

Sufficiently happy with his most recent blight, Septicess continued out the ruins towards Brill with a sense of success, ready for the evenings events.
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