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 " A letter for Macaberius Magnark "

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PostSubject: " A letter for Macaberius Magnark "   Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:08 pm

"Sir Magnark , after our talk I did as I promised and I began thinking about this House. I came to the conclusion that one man can only do so much and that it would be smarter to join if I really want to be off use to the Dark Lady. I hope you take me into consideration"

Full name of your character: Erek. He has no last name since he believes last names are to pass on to your children so he abandoned his when he was reborn as a Forsaken

Character race: Undead

Character class and level: lvl 67 rogue

Character age: Age of death : 36. Been undead for only 2 months.

Brief Character History: “I was a rogue from SI:7 once … no I shouldn’t call myself that. I was a lowlife and nothing more then that. But soon all of that changed , I got the orders to go to Andorhal and meet up with the human soldiers there. … Andorhal…. I remember that I got goosebumps just thinking about that place. No mortal should walk alone in those plagued lands , it’s nothing more then suicide.”

Hah I’m even smiling while I write this… Humans and their fear off death , They will cling on to life with all they got but I shouldn’t judge since not long ago I was just like them.

“I left the safety from Stormwind and started travelling towards the plaguelands… Once I arrived I heard that my job was to find a weakspot in the scourge defences around Andorhal. That night was the last night I ever felt the beating off my heart. I put on his armour and sheathed my daggers while hearing the horrifying screams off the ghouls that brought so much death and misery upon the world. When I slowly walked out off the camp hided by the cloak off night I began my mission. I scouted the outskirts off the scourge settlement finding nowhere any good spot to attack from. But then it happened , not far behind me I heard footsteps , lots of footsteps and they were running towards me. Before I knew what was happening I was caught in the middle of a fight between the Undead from the Undercity and the Ghouls from the Scourge. I fought everything that came my way since all were enemies. I fought with the fear off dying burning in my mind until I collapsed… I just fell to my knees and yelled in agony and pain. When my entire body hit the ground and tears began running from my eyes as I softly whispered “ I don’t want to die…not now … not here”. While I closed my eyes to rest I felt hands lifting me from the ground and I heard Forsaken talking and cackling. Then everything went black.
Some days later my eyes opened again but this time it were dead eyes…
I looked at my hands and saw this rotten skin,I didn’t know what was happening and I panicked. I started running and hid myself in the corner off a crypt until a more friendly Forsaken came to me making me feel at ease with my fate. I was told that Lady Sylvanas has been raising the dead as Forsaken in order to strengthen her people and army. “Sylvanas … it is she who gave me another chance , it is she who saved me from the emptiness of death , it is she who I will serve for the rest off this life”. I began travelling to regain the skills I once possessed and to get used to my undead body.
Now I am back in the Undercity , in my home and I am is ready to carry out the promise I made to serve the Dark Lady with whatever she needs help with.”

Overall Description: He looks like any other Forsaken but the skin around his mouth has completely rot away. The bone fingers are perfectly sharp so that they can serve as yet another weapon.

Personality: Erek is the quiet type , he hardly talks and only speaks to superiors when spoken to.

Hobbies and small pleasures: He enjoys the simple things in life like drinking a wine but also following outsiders around in the City to make them feel uneasy or just torturing an enemy off the Queen.

Why does he / she wish to join the House? : After the little talk he had with Sir Macaberius Magnark Erek began thinking about what he could do to be off use for the Banshee queen the way he is now. It wasn’t that hard to guess that he can serve and help her much more if he joins this House he was told about.

Where did he / she hear about the House? : On the rooftops from the ruins of Lordaeron he met Sir Macaberius Magnark who told him about the House.

Rate your character's power oon a 1-10 scale, 1 being a lowly beggar, 10 being the Lich King / Illidan / etc: 3

"May the shadows hide you"


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" A letter for Macaberius Magnark "
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