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 Shadows of the past

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PostSubject: Shadows of the past   Sun Feb 13, 2011 6:09 pm

((I started out intending to write Jay's background story, but it ended up something different. Maybe it's better that way. Or I'll write her background some other time. I'm not sure))

The sky was already brightening on the horizon, turning from inky blue to steel grey. In the light of the dying fire and a single candle. Jayantheney sat working by her desk in the study high in the Fenris Keep Tower. The study was a mess, full of floor to ceiling bookshelves and all of them brimming with books and papers and the desk itself was overflowing. Most of it wasn't hers, of course. She had no idea what most of it was, things left behind by her uncle when he gave her the room for her studies.

Right now, she sat leaned over a star chart, slowly and meticulously adding little lines and notes to it based on her observations earlier during the night. It was interesting work, but very tiring. She paused to look at her notes, realising that it all went blurry before her eyes. Instead she rubbed her eyes and leaned back in the chair with a tired sigh. If she didn't get it all written down now, she'd have forgotten half by the time she woke up again.

But she was so tired…

No, best continue right away.

She sat up straight again and reached for her quill, then stopped to just stare at the chart as the signs and notes shimmered and swirled for a moment.

Everything was different. She was confused, disoriented. She was trying to get somewhere. It was very important, but she didn't know where it was.


No, she wasn't going
to something.

She was going away from it.

It was there. Right behind her. Looming over her, crowned with a mane of blood. It had caught up. It would hurt her.

She curled up into a ball, desperately trying to shield herself with her arms as she heard it laugh at her, reaching out a massive hand to grab her.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

She could fight back. She knew that now. Suddenly she was standing again, hurling flames and ice at the looming shadow, screaming her defiance at it.

And she woke up, never seeing if it worked.

Instinctively, she had to look behind her, unable to shake the feeling of the shadowy being following her. She got up and walked over to stand by the window. The sky was even brighter now, the treetops clearly outlined against it.

She was angry. Angry for being so afraid still, angry because she let it control her. She felt like screaming again, but felt that her voice wouldn't carry.

Besides, she shouldn't draw attention to herself.

Turning from the window again she tried to shake off the dream entirely, turning her thoughts back to the night sky and star charts. Better to focus on her studies, on improving.

Everything else would come with time.
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Shadows of the past
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