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 Ranking explained!

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PostSubject: Ranking explained!   Sun Feb 13, 2011 1:52 am


Dark Lord - Arcturas

(separate character rank/title) Saint- Desdimone, at present Arcturas's aid and right hand woman in House affairs.

Intelligence General - Macaberius, we all know what Maca does so he now has a specialised rank in the House as head of Forsaken spy, stealth, stalker stuff.


The Council.

The Council (currently built up of the most !!ACTIVE!! members) are a governing body within the House of Sylvanas, any military/polictical action must be run by the council, even the Dark Lord must run matters by them as a board of 'opinion makers' and 'point staters' in order for motions to take effect, after an IC discussion. Voting will be done on any matters much like a parliament.
They operate as a leading force of individuals below the Dark Lord, able to recruit, make events and lead when the Dark Lord is not present. I set up the council to keep the most active members interested in Forsaken affairs and have a more hands on approach to governing the realm.

It's all about integration within the guild, high ranks mingling with lower ranks and lower ranks mingling with the higher etc etc...

This is hard to differentiate between 'people who have been previous leaders/officers' and their level of power within the guild. Now, when the council was created previous leaders/barons where not active, so it seemed like there wouldn't be a problem.

If you are a previous officer, you have left the guild and rejoined, YOUR CHARACTER (in question) WILL start from scratch as a neophyte, Issue? get a tissue! do not expect to leave and just return to a position of awesome, IC is IC. Firm but fair and i also think it might make rp a tad more interesting in some respects.


This is a rank below the Council but it exclusively reserved for those who have had major involvement in the guilds resent past. A sort of aristocracy of Lordaeron. for active characters, not persons, who have held major influence in the past and have NOT left the HoS.


The main fighting body of the House of Sylvanas, tasked with scouting, guarding, spying etc etc. opinions and views are taken into account from any Zealots who wish to get involved by reporting to the council. These can be specialist ranks for your notes if you so wish....


etc etc.... pick one. this will make it easier to group similar character types together for certain events if more members are found. Opinions on this thought if you so desire.


Recruitment rank, after proving themselves capable, they advance to zealot and pick their trade.

I am now viewing ALL in game activity as IC to not get to bogged down OOC, no matter how inane. no matter how important, in game, is IC regardless of player when it comes to rp. I hope this makes sense, opinions and views welcome. This may seems strict but I hope you understand! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Ranking explained!   Sun Feb 13, 2011 4:18 pm

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Ranking explained!
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