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 Council meeting - 10 Feb

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PostSubject: Council meeting - 10 Feb   Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:47 pm

Present on the meeting were Jayanteney, Broko, Servalas and Agustabell.

Two concerns had been brought to our attention by members of the guild, and were thus discussed.

Some people are concerned that the council is perverting the spirit of the guild and making it into something it's not meant to be.

We agreed that we like the ic parts of what the guild is and will strive to keep it as what it is even through ooc changes. Having sinister rp does however not preclude us from acting civilised to our members and other players, which it seems some people think.

Another concern has been that some people feel that Jayantheney for various reasons is unsuited for being a council member.
Jayantheney took no part in this discussion ofr obvious reasons. The other members of the council agreed that she will be a useful path of the council and that since she was invited into it by the Dark Lord they would not want to exclude her. They also want to make clear that even though she handles forum posting, everyone in the council has equal power and cannot act without the consent of the others.

The following parts are the report from the ic part of the meeting.


It was agreed that the work of the House can be roughly divided into four branches; military, scientific, spiritual and diplomatic.

The spiritual needs are sporadic at best and can be left out for the time being. Agustabell volunteered to be primarily in charge of diplomatic relations and Broko agreed to be the head of science and research. Razeal will be asked to be primarily responsible for military matters.

There has been reports about rising activity among the human population of Tirisfal Glades. It was agreed that Servalas will put together a group of people to thin out their numbers.

There has also been reports about suspicious activity in the Plaguelands. Agustabell will assign some scouts to go investigate the status of the Scarlet Crusade.

Not entirely trusting of the Kor'kron orc guards it was agreed that having a pair of House guards patrol the city at leat once a day might be a good idea, Broko will be in charge of appointing guards.

A gathering will be held for the entirety of the House to announce the new Dark Lord, the date is yet to be set.

There was also a brief discussion on how to handle prospective new members in the Lord's absence and it was agreed that at least two council members, but preferrably more, need to be present for the interrogation of a new member before they can be allowed to join.
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Council meeting - 10 Feb
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