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 Suffer not the Worgen to live....

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PostSubject: Suffer not the Worgen to live....   Fri Dec 31, 2010 10:57 pm

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-The Hunt Begins-

Rifle fire rang out through the tree's "There!" another volley tore through bushes and bark as a loud agonised yelping echoed through the Silverpine woodland.

"I count that at two so far and we've only been out here for around thirty minutes." exclaimed one of the hunters.

As they approached the immobilised beast a tall figure stepped forward dressed in dark, Forsaken purple and blue, a large brimmed hat and a long trench coat "Look at it, a hideous monstrosity..." The voice was that of the Worgenfinder General Nycraht.
Lord Nycraht believed Sylvanas to be the embodiment of a divine god of death. This former Gilnean now serving the Banshee Queen so fanatically and cruelly to rid Lordaeron, the world, of the Worgen infestation.

He peered down at the wounded bulk of fur bleeding out on the Forsaken land, He reached into his long coat and withdrew a finely made pistol and pulled the trigger as the muzzle pointed mer inches from the beasts chest, he then produced a large knife and in one swift motion cut the neck of the beast and took the head.

"Another fine decoration for the Keep!" He turned to the group pointing at one of the hunters "Take the body back to the Sepulcher, You! .. " his finger hovering over his selection "Follow me, we need to catch the other one before the night is through...."
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Suffer not the Worgen to live....
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