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PostSubject: Absence   Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:06 pm

Well... It turns out I might be absent for a while now. My subsciption ran out and as far as I know, my mom did not pay for a new one. With the way things are tense in my home these days, I rather not ask too Laughing

Anyway, I was going to become inactive anyway due to the fact that on the 27th of November, I have this nation-wide chemistry test and so I pretty much need to cram most of the chemistry course (which is meant to take 2 years) in the matter of less than two weeks. Meaning, I will be EXTREMELY busy and therefore unable to log in usually even if I could.

Hopefully, after the competition, I will be able to return to WoW to catch the last event section before Cata.

I will write up an IC story to excuse Celt's sudden disappearance soon, seeing as it is difficult for him to go missing now without a damn good reason.

See you all whenever I manage to get back!
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