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 Dorsi Bare knuckle boxing event.

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PostSubject: Dorsi Bare knuckle boxing event.   Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:00 am

Welcome to Siggy-Dorsi Boxing,

We are bringing a boxing RP event organiser to world of warcraft, if you wish to hold a boxing event on Scarsheild Leigon EU Realm, we can help you with it, we aim to do.

1. Guild events
2. Independant fights
3. X-faction fights

We are also open to suggestions.

We hope to hold a exhibition fight sometime soon and are looking for fighters.

Updates to follow

Rules for events.

Anyone can join!!!
This is a Rp event for people interested in abit of extra Rp Fun.
The event has no long term Rp effects on characters, it is just abit of fun.
All we ask is you follow a few simple rules,
these are:


1. You will fight according to level, E.g a Lvl 40 can fight a Lvl 39-41.
All lvls can join.

2. Only low lvl cloth armour or bare knuckles ALLOWED!, No buffs or enchantments.

3.All fights will be unarmed auto-attack fights.
3a. all have to defend themselves with movements only, no jumping.

4. Fights will be over when a fighter is defeated.
4a. on main events the fighters can have a corner team consisting of a first aider with cloth bandages only, and a coach.
4b. Main events will consist of 3. 2min rounds, and other fights will be untill first defeated.

5. Ref's will be present at each fight and will be listened to at all times, (ref's will be healers)

The fights will take place at the Gurubashi Arena and admittance will be 1 gold peice.

Betting on fights is encouraged at the arena.

This is something different for RP and is only abit of FUN.

We are looking for fighters please contact us here or /W Sigorléan or Dorsidhion for details of next fight
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Dorsi Bare knuckle boxing event.
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