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 Lokran Whitemane

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PostSubject: Lokran Whitemane   Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:45 am

Full name of your character: Lokran Whitemane formerly Lokran Graenkin

Character race: Orc

Character class and level: Warrior level 53

Character age: 42

Brief Character History: Lokran was a frontline warrior for a small clan of orcs that called themselves the Graenkin Clan and as a proud kinsman he always referred to himself as Lokran Graenkin. But Lokran had his problems, his temper was always short much like his mercy for his foes. A wise shaman once told him something that always stuck with him for some reason but never really meant anything to him yet. The shaman said "Orcs are widely infamous for their hot tempers and savagery but yours stands out even amongst your kin, each time you let loose your temper your mortality shall vain and you will one day find yourself facing a dark path."

Lokran took no heed to the shaman's words and changed nothing about himself eventually leading him to a violent confrontation with the son of Chieftain Maruk Graenkin. Rumours amongst the Graenkin tell that the young orc walked up to Lokran and whispered something in his ear, something so vile that it caused Lokran to fuel up in rage, chopping off the young one's head in a single stroke.

The attack on the chieftain's son was taken as a direct challenge to the Graenkin seat of power and as per tradition Lokran and the Chieftain were required to settle their dispute in the Graenkin wargrounds. The duel was long and tiring but in the end Lokran stood as the victor and was to be made the new Chieftain, but Lokran proudly refused saying "I will never again be named in the same house as the fallen chieftain, you can fight amongst yourselves for the throne but i will never be a clansman again." and with those words he left the Grainkin village forever.

After that day the Graenkin referred to Lokran as the "Archaic One" and rarely mentioned him by name but Lokran removed any trace of his past and from that day on called himself "Lokran Whitemane".

Overall Description: Lokran is a seasoned warrior but his appearance may fool many for his white hair makes him look several years older then he truly is.

Personality: Lokran's greatest flaw is his temper followed closely by his brutal manner, for example in his current mental state today if he were ordered to capture a certain human in some specific village and kill any witnesses he would most likely slaughter the entire village except for that one human, who he would beat senseless so that he could tie his unconscious body to his wolf to be dragged half way across the region. His greatest strength would most likely be his sense of loyalty and dedication, if he serves a cause he truly believes in he will follow it until he feels betrayed or otherwise angered with his masters.

Hobbies and small pleasures: Lokran is a warrior by heart so his greatest pleasure is the exchange of blades in armed combat.

Why does he / she wish to join the House? : Lokran carries a faint dislike for most of his orcish brethren and considers them weak and cowardly so he is seeking greener pastures elsewhere.

Where did he / she hear about the House? : A few weeks after his departure from Durotar he overheard a conversation in a tavern in Brill, something about lady Sylvanas and the House of Sylvanas and he was intrigued.

Rate your character's power on a 1-10 scale, 1 being a lowly beggar, 10 being the Lich King / Illidan / etc: I would say a 6 or a 7, but he still considers himself young so he is always training and improving his abilities. He believes the strong survive while the weak perish so he makes it his life goal to become as strong as he possibly can.
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PostSubject: Re: Lokran Whitemane   Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:16 pm

Also, for obvious reasons, Application Denied.

Please refer to Our Newcomer's Guidelines Thread for clarifications.
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Lokran Whitemane
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