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 Dorsidhion Systar Enlistment papers

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PostSubject: Dorsidhion Systar Enlistment papers   Fri Aug 06, 2010 3:06 am

Full name of your character: Dorsidhion Systar

Character race: Blood Elf

Character class and level: Rogue 22

Character age: 25

Brief Character History: From a young age Dorsidhion believed he was born for greatness, In his early years he would religiously pester his father Maelael Bae to teach him the ways of the shadows. His father was one of the greatest assasins who ever lived and had relieved many an alliance general of his life.

On his 8th birthday Dorsidhion had woken to see a dark shadow standing at the foot of his bed, it was his father who stepped from the shadows to produce a fine ornate dagger which he plunged into the right shoulder of his first born son. The words that were spoken as the twisting blade grinded against bone have never left his ears till this day '' To be the shadows, you must know what pain the shadows can bring''. From thad day Dorsidhion knew he was now the understudy of his father.

For years he was taught the art of stealth and suprise, the manufacture of deadly poisons and his personal favourite how to kill silently and with as much aggression as possible. On his 24th birthday he woke to find his father had been assasinated during the night and his mother murdered his grief was uncontrollabe he vowed to avange his parents and if it takes a mountain of bodies to find the killer thats a price he is willing to pay.

Overall Description: His thoughts are of pure revenge, his eyes burning from the pit of his soul, a 3 inch scar on his right shoulder which wakes him every night burning pure hatred for his parents killer. 6'5'', physicaly and mentaly robust.

Personality: devout on learning new skills to help him find and kill his enemies, can be lost in thoughts of his parents, he has a weakness of drinking to much to numb the pain.

Hobbies and small pleasures: Drinking in the inns, creating new poisons, studying alliance movements and army strengths.

Why does he / she wish to join the House? : To be apart of a structured force to keep him from drinking himself into a hole, and to fight for the Queens army so one day he will avenge his parents death

Where did he / she hear about the House? : A friend of his father suggested he join so he could fight and keep his goals in the front of his mind

Rate your character's power oon a 1-10 scale, 1 being a lowly beggar, 10 being the Lich King / Illidan / etc: 5/6
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PostSubject: further info   Fri Aug 06, 2010 3:39 am

I forgot to mention that it was a scourge assasin that entered his house and killed his mother and father, they didnt realise that he was asleep in the next room and the hell they had created for themselves.

his only goal is to avenge his parents demise by killing as many scourge as he can untill he is finally reunited with his folks.
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PostSubject: Re: Dorsidhion Systar Enlistment papers   Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:06 pm

have to be carefull with naming non-existant-in-lore characters "One of the greatest (..) who ever lived"

And i hope that he understands in wishing to join HoS, the servitude of the Queen will be what life revolves around as opposed to personal vengeance, though i imagine this will sort itself out in the IC-interview one way or another.

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PostSubject: Re: Dorsidhion Systar Enlistment papers   

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Dorsidhion Systar Enlistment papers
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