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 Hazabel "Phantomlimb" Rotarm

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Othragon Rotarm


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PostSubject: Hazabel "Phantomlimb" Rotarm   Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:02 pm

Character Name: Hazabel Rotarm
Character Age: Still a teenager when she died
Character Race: Human (undead)
Sex: Female
Family: Othragon (uncle) Turgon Fireshield (father)
Title(s): "Phantomlimb"
Role in the House: Heir to the House Rotarm


Hair Colour: Dark Purple-ish
Eye Colour: Glowing Yellow
Skin Colour: Morbid pale

Weapons used: A couple of simple daggers, Hazabel is not attached to material things

Armour/garments used, in and out of battle:
Simple leather armor, darkened with smoke

Magics/spells used: None

Professions studied and to what ability: Hazabel specialized in Anathomy and the brewing of poisons

Personality: Being a teenager when she died, many of the common adolescent traits are still seen in her. She's a little dynamo and a misfit, but despite that she's quite mature and more pondered then her hot-headed uncle. She was however tutered by him, and some personality similarities can be found.

Likes: Men of power, spying, brewing poisons and testing them on herself, bloodthistle and other hallucinogenics
Dislikes: The enemies of the Queen, resurection sickness wich still affects her now and then
Seeks to become: As powerfull as her late uncle
Most proud of: Finding her lineage and proving herself as a member of the House Rotarm
Most ashamed of: Hazabel doesn't feel shame or remorse
Ultimate dream: To see her uncle's dream of complete Forsaken dominance in Lordaeron come true


Born in: Northsire
Pre-House info: She was taken in by her uncle and performed various deeds for him before being admitted into the House

Biography: Following the disgrace that abated upon her family, Hazabel too fell victim to the Plague, being raised as a mindless undead roaming about in the Redridge mountains, untill the Forsaken war effort, at that time led by her uncle Othragon Rotarm, assaulted the southern Alliance regions, freeing her and many other undead from the grasp of the Lich King. Othragon had his memories wiped by Sylvanas, hence he didn't recognised Hazabel as family, but she did, going to great lenghts to prove herself as the High Executor's own blood and lineage. From them on, he took her under his wing and taught her the ways of the Forsaken, keeping her identity in the dark, as a matter of safeguard. After his demise, she came forth as sole survivor and heir of the House Rotarm, joining the ranks of the Royal House and aspiring to resume her uncle's work.
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Hazabel "Phantomlimb" Rotarm
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