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 My, what big teeth you have....

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PostSubject: My, what big teeth you have....   Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:26 am

((This isn't an IC post, but just a story I was thinking up in my head in preparation for Cataclysm and the Worgen threat coming to light upon Forsaken held territory and what I thought would be pretty cool as introduction to the new enemy. I concocted this scenario in my head and just wanted to share it with you guys. Hope you enjoy it.))

The dull moonlight shone down on the dying Silverpine woodland, the wind howling through the trees, the occasional distant howl from the wildlife echoing through the dark and dense forest. Every now and again a lantern would illuminate the very near area as two Forsaken, a Deathguard and a Shadowstalker made their routine patrol along the single road leading south to Hillsbrad.
A ruckus over the past few nights from Pyrewood Village was beginning to attract the attention of the Forsaken forces in the area, A whisper on the wind that something was afoot. Tales from Kalimdor that things where 'changing' Although vague these rumours had stirred the citizens on both sides of the great sea. Surely after so much at the hands of the scourge, nothing more could possibly go wrong....

There was an unusual atmosphere over the forest, the two Forsaken made their way towards Pyrewood, the howling grew more intense but the howling was not emanating from the village itself as first thought by the leading officers at the Sepulcher.

The two servants of the queen, somewhat puzzled by this slowly and carefully made their way undetected towards the Greymane wall only stopping once and hiding as a worg hunting pack run by in the near distance.

Upon reaching the wall they took shelter and cover in a thick area of woodland brush keeping watch.
As the hours past and the night grew darker and the ever increasing ominous atmosphere grew, the Shadowstalker spotted something, a light, a small lone eerie light behind the wall. She immediately leapt into the shadows and proceeded to get a closer look of this strange sight. Nothing had been seen behind the wall for years not since the plague took hold and the Gileneans took to the isolation of their kingdom, Surely a sight to be investigated...

The Deathguard looked on, seemingly mesmerised by this glimmering light emerging from the mist . The guard gained the attention of the Shadowstalker and beckoned her back to their original position.

"What do you suppose it is..?" He asked the Shadowstalker in a whisper, yet before she had time to reply the gates began to creak and more alarmingly open ever so slightly as the lantern baring figure moved out of Gilneas and into Forsaken held land seemingly just to peer around. The two looked at each other ...

"We should question it, it is our duty after all?"

"Are you mad?! you don't know what they're packin' and you don't even know what it is!'"

The Deathguard sighed "Look just make your way over there to that bushy area and cover me, I'm just going to ask a few questions, let' s try and deal with this sensibly and report back to the Sepulcher.....Though if they pull a sword then by all means shoot them." He grinned.

The heavily armed pair broke, the shadowstalker slyly yet carefully in the darkness made her way behind the dark figure and the Deathguard rather overly confident in his plan steped out onto the overgrown path...

"You there! Halt in the name of her majesty the Queen!" The guard hailed loudly in the darkness lighting up a lantern of his own.

Meanwhile the shadowstalker hid, aiming her rifle at the dark figure.

The tall seemingly robed being stood silent, again the Guard hailed...

"Im the name of her Majesty Sylvanas Windrunner I order you to make your business in Forsaken held territory known!" This time the heavily armed guard stepped forward to within metres of the figure "WELL?!" He peered at the wall behind the shady character weary of its presence "Cat got your tongue?!"

He lifted an extended hand reaching for the figures hood to pull it down, yet with this action the figure dropped the lantern with a smash, the light extinguished and cloaked in darkness it began to transform, the robe tearing around the form as the stunned guard took one stepped back he was immediately set upon by what appeared to be a much larger version of the Silverpine worgen. It howled and tore into the unprepared Deathguard, tearing into the armour, dismantling it and biting ferociously at the helpless Forsaken as he tried in vain to reach for his sword. This beast had more muscle power, more agility and was significantly larger than anything of this kind most have seen.

The Guard shouted trying frantically to crawl away from the flailing claws "Shoot it!...KILL IT!!"

The Shadowstalker was horrified, nor had she seen anything, or for that matter anyone quite like this. She aimed and fired, the blast echoed through the nearby woodland, the round bore deep into the beasts left shoulder, it let out a cry and stood to full height, part of the deathguard hanging lifeless from it's jaws.

The Shdowstalker fired another round, through the weapon aside and leapt from her hiding position at the beast. The humanoid dog turned and was met with a shaodwstalker baring down upon it with both blades ready to be plunged into the beasts flesh.
The ferocious wolf like monster grabbed the stalkers leg and flung her around back to the overgrown path. She stood, and got a good look at the beast who was standing in the now dead guards lantern light. It stood snarling, hunched over with huge muscular arms an thighs, black claws and razor sharp fangs dripping with the Deathguards blood, the fur dark almost black and a oddly well kept mane, not quite what you'd expect from a feral animal, but what shocked the Stalker the most was the fact that this beast...had a voice....

"These lands are ours!"

The snarling claw factory charged the Stalker, she turned and fled. not in fear but in the knowledge she had to report this at all costs.

She ran through the dense forest with the beast darting off trees and propelling itself along with those muscular limbs and claws. After what seemed an enternity of a cruel cat and mouse chase she emerged on the open path, clipping a cobble with her foot she fell and rolled for a few meters though she was up and running again shrugging off the fall, she glanced behind her and saw the beast relentlessly pursuing her and gaining. Her cloak bellowing out behind her the beast reached for it and instantly took her down, she frantically reached and tugged for the straps undoing them as she kicked at the furry powerhouse with all she had left.
She managed to get the cloak off but the beast pinned her to the floor, though this seemingly helpless Forsaken positioned her wrist back and flicked out a blade concealed under her cuff and drove it into the monsters upper arm. The beast wailed and howled, noticing the bullet wound from earlier she bore her fist down upon it and with that he beast hit the stone path howling and yelping in agony. Battered, and scratched she once again ran for it back in the direction of the Sepulcher.

Glancing quickly back over her shoulder she saw the beast rise from the ground holding her cloak in it's razor sharp grip it seemed to pause for a moment. She stopped and watched it. She was a fair distance away now but could just make out it's form in the darkness of the night. To her amazement it simply turned and vanished back down the path in the blackness.

"This is matter for the Her Majesty."

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PostSubject: Re: My, what big teeth you have....   Wed Jul 21, 2010 6:24 pm

Very nice! Looks like a plausable story for something around the release of Cataclysm. Has me in the mood now Razz!!!!

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My, what big teeth you have....
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