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 Grand Apothecary Isen Plaguous

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Doctor Plaguous


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PostSubject: Grand Apothecary Isen Plaguous   Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:24 pm

Basic Information

Character Name: Isen Plaguous
Character Age: Unknown.
Character Race: Once human.
Sex: Male
Family: Unknown
Title(s): Grand Apothecary, Doctor, Professor, Shadowpriest
Role in the House: Head of Scientific R&D


Hair Colour: Purple
Eye Colour: Yellow
Skin Colour: Blue

Weapons used: A wide array of potions and elixors, Blight grenades and sprayers, staves, daggers, meat cleavers

Armour/garments used, in and out of battle: Apothecary and shadowpriest robes

Magics/spells used: Shadow magic, necromancy

Professions studied and to what ability: Highest rank of apothecary you can achieve in the R.A.S.


Alignement: Lawful evil

Likes: Knowledge, intelligence, controlling others
Dislikes: Incompitence and lack of intelligence
Persuasion techniques: Blackmail
Seeks to become: Leader of the Royal Apothecary
Looks up to: The Dark Lady, Grand Apothecaries
Envies: Putress, Archnazg, Raszanath (Other grand apothecaries)
Most used method of slaying a captured foe: Blight bath
Most proud of: The Blight, Fleshwerking talents
Most ashamed of: Failing the Forsaken by not noticing Putress' corruption
Ultimate dream: to drown the living in Blight, world domination of the Forsaken


Born in: Unknown
Pre-House info: Worked up to Grand Apothecary in the Royal Apothecary Society since the birth of the Forsaken.
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Grand Apothecary Isen Plaguous
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