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 Luceria Shade

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PostSubject: Luceria Shade   Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:38 am

Full name of your character:
Luceria Shade

Character race:
Blood Elf

Character class and level:
Warlock, level 80

Character age:
- is just a number

Brief Character History:
Prior to Arthas' invasion of Quel'Thalas the High elven Shade family where a well respected part of the bougeois of Tranquillen. The family owned a small estete just west of the town where they cultivated herbs, spices and flowers, off which most where sold but some turned into powerful potions. Luceria grew up in this, a very safe, loving and peaceful, enviorment together with her two younger sisters.

This ended abruptly when the Scourge arrived. Confident that they could not be harmed the family remained at their home, until the first barrier where broken and a wide panic broke out. The elves that could fled north. Luceria and her youngest sister where able to leave for Silvermoon City. The rest of the family perished and the estate burned when the undead ravaged that which is today the Ghostlands. When Quel'Thalas fell the remaining two sisters got separated.

Like most elves Luceria fell into dispair after the loss of the Sunwell and started searching for a new magical resource. The search for this gave Luceria a new focus, something to set her mind to instead of dealing with the loss of her family, her reality, her world. Together with a number of survivor form Silvermoon she started to explore what other sorces of power the world possess. Under the tutorship of Yasmine Teli'Larien Luceria got in contact with the demonic powers and the first demon to stare into her eyes was Quzrot, today her loyal minion, who loves his mistress.

Eventually Luceria avenged her murdered family and ravaged homelands by reconquering the Ghostlands and participate in the slaying of Dar'Khan Drathir. After these events she got the opportunity to travel to Lordaeron and continue her studie in the demonic arts. This was just the first step, over the last years she has traveled all over Azeroth, exploring it, fighting for it, learning about it. During her voyages she made contact with all off the allies of the Blood Elfs, amongst who she today is a respected person. As an acknowledgement of the services she has provided to the Horde she was given the ambassadorial tital.

Overall Description:
Once a very fair maiden Luceria is nowadays a hardend Blood Elf. She has keept her looks but her eyes give her away, telling a story of a life in peril. Her family name, Shade, says something about her. The name was given the family ages ago due to their darker skin, which was considered very dark in (High) Eleven society. To further exaggerate the skintone all the Shades have very light, almost white hair. Luceria is also, very typically, elvish slender and of medium hight.

Due to her peaceful upbringing Luceria is a confident person, even though that confidence was hurt in the loss of her family and the magical support of the Sunwell, before she found it again, in the demonic powers. Today this confidence radiates from her and she's quickly noticed when entering a room.

Even though one could think that her lust for vengence should have calmed she still harbours a never ending hatred for the mindless undead. Not that she thinks that highly of any race, except for her fellow Blood Elfs. She would never dream of showing those feelings though - that would would hurt relations. It's one thing to think and another to tell.

Feelings are, over all, buried very deep in her. Dispite this she has very tender feelings and can be very loving to those that she has opened herslef to and trust. For example; the demons that are bound to her are her children, she has never accepted the way that some warlocks look at their minions, like servants, or dogs.

Though her background has made her introvert when it comes to feelings she is an impatient and curious individual.

Hobbies and small pleasures:
Growing up in a nursery-garden made Luceria very intrested in plants, flowers and what they can be used for. She was often seen all over southern Quel'Thalas, as a child, collecting herbs and flowers and still she enjoys just strolling over fields, bathing in sunlight, gathering, smelling, looking at the plants.

The power that demonology provides her with can always be expanded and she reads and learns wherever she finds information.

Recently there has been rumours about her lost family and she tries, fanatically, to find out more about their fates...

Why does he / she wish to join the House?:
"There is one Elf left in a powerful position left in the world today..." she would boom if you asked her "...and that i Sylvanas Windrunner!" This lady may be dead, but she is first of all an Elf, and that takes presence. The disapointment in Kael'thas Sunstrider was more then she could bare and that's why she has totally forsaken him. Though her hatred for the undead masses could be viewed as a problem there is a major diffrence, the dead of the Forsaken think for themselves!
That makes them acceptable.

Where did he / she hear about the House?:
During a recent visit to the Undercity there was an adverticement which she by accident got a hold of where "the House of Sylvanas" was looking for members. Naturally she knew a little about this group, enough to be intrested in finding out more.
After this she rode through Silverpine Forest and decided to go out to Fenris Isle to search for a rare herb when she bumped into a gnoll mystic. The mystic was babbling on about this and that and then all of the sudden "... the undead in the castle, House of Sylvanas..."
Could this be a coincidence?
And so, she closed in on the ruins to take a look...

Rate your character's power on a 1-10 scale, 1 being a lowly beggar, 10 being the Lich King / Illidan / etc:
7 (due to pride)
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Othragon Rotarm


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PostSubject: Re: Luceria Shade   Mon Jul 05, 2010 8:16 pm

Hmm. The character profile is well built and the story is quite acceptable. However you hint at her being proudfull. As recommended as that might be, i hope you realise you'll be joining as a low rank, therefore there won't be much room for proud actions, more like "do as we say and keep quiet".

If you can manage that during your trial period, all should be well! =)

Contact an officer in-game for your IC interview.
Good luck!
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PostSubject: Re: Luceria Shade   Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:28 am

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PostSubject: Re: Luceria Shade   

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Luceria Shade
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