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 Behind the doors of Fenris Keep...

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PostSubject: Behind the doors of Fenris Keep...   Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:07 am

The Dark Lord sat at his huge, ornate desk, riddled with tomes, scrolls and traces of chemical work. Around stood figures cloaked and hooded in black robes. A long hood hung over Archnazg's face, eliminating his face from visibility. A space was cleared on the oak desk and a map was drawn out of Lordaeron.

He slowly passed his boney, spiked claws over the map and spat out words to the grave-like figures that were all around him.

"Send forth all our forces in securing these areas." Two beacons of ghostly light ignite under his hood. "Should the nearby Arathi League know if this shipment they will be on us like hounds." His husky, ghastly tone echoing around the hall.

"Make sure the Society do not find out either. This should be kept to our knowledge only. They will try to assume control over this batch. But I waste my time, I am sure you all know the necessary proceedures nad the meaning of ... urgency."

The wretched face sent projected his gaze up at the looming figures.

They inclined their heads.

"Yes, my lord." Said one, stepping forward, the Dark Harbinger of the House of Sylvanas, the right hand man of the Dark Lord.

The Dark Lord glanced to another of the blackened figures, clad in spiked Executor plate.

Within moments they nodded and merged away into the shadows of the manor.

(( by Archnazg))
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Behind the doors of Fenris Keep...
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