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 To lie or not to lie, that would most likely be the question.

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PostSubject: To lie or not to lie, that would most likely be the question.   Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:17 pm

Between some trees, in the dark, Shanaii stood motionless, staring at the calm waters of Darrowmere lake. Only her clenched fists indicated her fury.

That devious pile of rotten bones.

She didn't dare to vent her anger loudly, he could always be sneaking about, waiting for a mistake, a flaw... anything.

The punishment had been inevitable one way or the other. But Shanaii chose punishment for telling the truth over punishment for lying.

The beast had not been important to Shanaii, she had only brought it to intimidate Hawksong. But the humiliation of destroying it in front of all of them - in front of the Neophytes - had gotten Shanaii irate.

Still, as always, she could do nothing about it. The hierarchy of the Royal House was ultimate and Shanaii would never question it.

But there had been times...

Shanaii turned her head to fix her gaze upon the gates of Caer Darrow, feeling the poor souls meandering about... without seeing them.

She walked down to the riparian rocks and knelt down, observing her reflection in the tainted water. Turning her chin to the side, she could see the dark marks vividly curling up her neck. Gently, she touched it with two long fingers, which blackened instantly as she stroked her throat.

She could only imagine why it was her head on the block. Considering the possible consequences of her discovery, she could understand why she had been manoeuvred into this situation. And she would bear it, knowing that in the end she wouldn’t be the one facing the music...

Shanaii stood up with a smile - a blithe smile - which grew wider, letting her sharply cut teeth destroying it as soon as her lips parted to expose them. With a single, swift movement, she turned around and leapt into full sprint, vanishing from sight.

The next morning, a Forsaken footman would be reporting to Lord Rotarm in Tarren Mill, telling him that twenty-three Hillsbrad Farmers had been found dead, on a neat pile, with their hearts cut out.

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PostSubject: Re: To lie or not to lie, that would most likely be the question.   Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:19 pm

Long before the footman delivered the news to Lord Rotarm had he become aware of the butchering that had taken place that night. He sneered and dismissed the courier from his quarters, throwing some lumber in the fire were a piece of meat was slowly roasting.

" It would seem someone is doing our dirty job for us... soon there won't be a single human in Hillsbrad and the ones who remain will be too frightfull to even crawl out of hiding...

But i should get into this matter and find out who's hunting on my playground... hmm yes...

Turning away from the fire, he storms out of his office, spits orders to Darthalia and summons his deathcharger, blasting into the Foothills, quickly disappearing in the thick morning fog.
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To lie or not to lie, that would most likely be the question.
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