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 Of Darkness and Hope Vol 4: Personality Overload

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PostSubject: Of Darkness and Hope Vol 4: Personality Overload   Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:30 am

Deep in the Undercity's bowels and secret tunnels, screams and echoes of agonizing pain fill the noir atmosphere. A small tunnel whose walls are covered with dried and recent blood spatters leads to a small ceremonial chamber where two undead figures can be seen. The first is nothing but a shade, and his presence outshadows the shadows around him, showing nothing but pure darkness. The second one glows with a dark red aura, kneeling before the first presence.

Desdimone has done a good job indeed... rise, let me measure your powers...

The figure stands, and the blood-red aura around him seems to intensify.

I see... your presence here has withered your strenght... the underlying potential however... is vast... much stronger then your predecessor... This pleases me. I should have obliterated him instead of granting him forgiveness... i am relieved to know his true nature was salvaged and crafted into a much finer weapon... You shall be of great use, once again.

Without further word, the darkest presence leaves the room with great haste, his almost spectral presence leaving a trace of unnatural shadows that would almost appear to be a separate entity, clinging to the walls with muffled wails of suffering.

The second one remains in the room, staring at his glowing runeblade and whispering to her across the darkness:

Finally, free from the entrapments of humanity... each and every single one will pay, living and dead...

Meanwhile, across the ocean, in a small coastal keep in the Barrens, a visibly decayed, scarred, old and tired undead warrior is abruptely interrupted from his task of overseeing his orcish, troll, tauren and elven clansmates while they sleep. He heads out and stares at the east, mumbling to himself:

So, they have finally decided to release him...
i can feel him in my head... his thoughts tormenting me...
i cannot bere this burden much longer...
divided i will wither away and perish soon...
at least...
i won't be here to see...
his reign of terror unfold...
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Of Darkness and Hope Vol 4: Personality Overload
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