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 A new beginning...

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PostSubject: A new beginning...   Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:29 am

A figure paces heavily through Silvermoon, his black robes trailing behind him, the huge hood covering his head and shrouding his face. In the dead of the quiet night he paces through Murder Row and stops in front of the enclave where the cities pupils in Fel magic gather and converse in all things demonic, stepping down the winding stair case the figure stops looking over the room. The only other person he sees is a tall, middle aged Elf wearing googles and holding up various vile concoctions to the light as the small green flamed Braziers blaze gently and the enchanted brooms sweep idly around.

"Hmmm, one more soul should do it!" The Elf drops a small purple shard into the concoction, the braziers flicker as the soul shard fizzles and dissolves in the liquid.

"Ehh hmm!" The robed figure steps forward.

"It is considered polite to knock, who are you and more to the point what do you want?" The Elf 's tone is calm, deep and mature with subtle hint of sincerity about it, nothing like you'd expect form those in his profession

The robed figure steps forward once more and lowers his hood to reveal an incredibly gaunt Arcturas....

"Does the name Flareion Dawnrunner ring any bells?!"

The Elf drops the glass beaker sending it to the floor with a smash, a long pause follows until the elf utters a few words....

"What do you want?"

Arcturas walks into the room further idly picking up instruments and books as he talks moving closer to the elf who stands with his back to him....

"It has been a while Sonurau..." He smirks "A while ago you committed a heinous crime by killing a member of the royal guard, not just one, but five members of the royal guard including a captain, a lieutenant and Blood Knight of the order....A crime punishable by death."

Sonurau turns around frowning...

"Silen-" He cuts his sentence short as he gazes at Arcturas' face, not quite how he remembers it "What in the name of all things happened to you?!"

"That is not important, at the moment...." Arcturas hisses. "It was I who discovered what you'd done, and it was my father who covered it up and.. hmm..set you free, why? because father despised those you'd killed...I despised those you killed."

Sonurau speaks up "Look! what is you want, and keep your voice down."

"You swore oath to repay my family for our ...generosity, or father and myself would have taken you personally to the King." Arcturas looks at Sonurau with a smug smile. "An oath you signed in blood, so as to not warrant a fate worse than death." Arcturas coughs... "I have a proposition for you, You see me, look at what I have become since the invasion, I am dying Sonurau, and yes, I am well aware i am Forsaken but this forsaken is not beyond eternal rest....And as I recall you've yet to fulfil your oath..."

Sonurau frowns and looks slightly worried...

"Wh-what do ask?.... A potion a medicine?"

Arcturas cackles malevolently

"I require a host."

Sonurau's eyes widen "A host, You mean a place for your .. soul to dwell?! For you to still be a presence in society while your old body rests?! I wont do it, that is ludacris, how dare you even suggest such!"

Arcturas grabs Sonurau by the neck and throws him into the wall "Then you have dawned an appointment with the Gallows old freind, GAURDS!" Arcturas yells once smirking, peering back at Sonurau struggling in his armour clad grip...

"No! no! i'll...I'll help you, please I know how make potions to ease your passing..!"

"That is not what i require....GAURDS!" Arcturas yells again..

"No! No! alright alright...i'll, i'll do it!"

Arcturas releases the Elf "Your living carcass will serve as my tomb." Arcturas grins darkly.. "Think of the benefits, you'll be twice as strong twice as alert... and great things will come to you." Arcturas tone is flat and commanding without a hint of wavering.

Arcturas then raises his hand and without warning thrusts a very dark and faintly glowing rune into Sonurau's face, A flash of purple light emanates suddenly from the rune, the bewildered elf stares at it as if in trance before Arcturas snatches it away, Sonurau stands as he's just been hit head on by a sudden blizzard.

"There...You'll know when the time comes." with that Arcturas raises his hood, turns and leaves pacing heavily up the spiral stair case.

Sonurau just stands there, a look of utter awe on his face, he slowly comes round blinks and gathers his composure.
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PostSubject: Re: A new beginning...   Tue Apr 20, 2010 11:06 pm

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PostSubject: Re: A new beginning...   Thu Apr 22, 2010 1:15 pm

Archnazg wrote:
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PostSubject: Re: A new beginning...   Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:32 pm

Oh noez! Daid liked the old Arct Razz

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PostSubject: Re: A new beginning...   

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A new beginning...
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