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 [RP] Truely Mastering the Shadow

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PostSubject: [RP] Truely Mastering the Shadow   Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:06 pm

Miles under the cursed earth of Tirisfal the Dark Lord Archnazg Magnark stood, surrounded in shadow priests, chanting in the cursed and dark tongues they spoke.

Huge statues stood all around him, a long and vast hall had been carved into the stone, twisted faces and figures engraved, staring out. Pentagrams and unholy crosses were designed into the walls and floor, and in the middle the Dark Lord stood.

He raised his arms into the air, a towering black figure, he was, with a scepter held in his right hand and a tome in his left.

The chanting was loud. Wretched shadows of the priests kneeling all around Archnazg were projected onto the walls, merging with the twisted eyes which had been carved in.

Darkness grew all around, the shadows from all corners crept out, and everything turned black.

Though in this darkness Archnazg could see. Energies rushed all around, the book and sceptor fell to the ground, the dark lord's dispersion begun.

A vortex of shadow swept the temple, and the chanting was oblivous.

Moments later the chanting ceased, and everything was quiet.

The shadows grew together and a hideous shape could be seen. Raw shadow energy formed into a horrible shadowy creature. It's arms extended and picked up one of the neophyte priests and crushed him, consuming him in a second.

Now, in a bottomless and unbearable noise, it spoke:

"Send forth word to the surface. I have mastered the Shadow at last. Inform the Dark Mistress the Shadow Lord will manifest a new form and return in time."

The huge shade shrunk, into a strange humanoid like shape, two of the priests came to him and placed a robe around his shoulders, and the shape put a hood over it's face.
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[RP] Truely Mastering the Shadow
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