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PostSubject: Cargus   Tue Mar 09, 2010 4:31 pm

(( will try to type this while in class etc))

Cargus sat idly on the ledge of the wall, usually were othragon would linger, overlooking the bank.
He had too much time to think , he didn't enjoy having time to think things over, was always better to do stuff unplanned, alot more thrilling he thought.

Too much travelling over the last few months he thought. He had basicly gotten his chance to have fun with each of the man races, and came to a conclusion with each one.

Humans, they never lasted long under the knife, most begged for death which bored him.

Dwarfs, stout little shits. Took extra effort to cut, tough skinned, also most of them accepted death, stubborn.

Gnomes, more annoying if anything, died faster than humans, squeeled far too loud for his liking, he would rather have his hearing kept somewhat intact.

Draenei, they were weird, praise the light this, praise the light that, a load of nonsense he thought, but fun, they come to this world apparently to escape death only to meet him and his knives.

Elves, both the sin'dorei and kal'dorei. They were to feeble, but very fun. They see themselves as immortal, and proven that wrong to them was always a fun task. he preffered killing the sin'dorei though, they were just plain annoying and thought so much of themselves.

Orcs, just like dwarfs, irritating , though fun to listen to them threaten you while they have no control over the situation what so ever. 'you honourless swine' bleh bleh, same thing, he knew that, he didnt give a shit.

Trolls, how he hated having to kill them, thye took forever, and work had to be rushed, any prolonged work on them seemed to just regenerate in short spaces of time.

Tauren, thye just took too muh of his time, he thought dwarves were tough but tauren, you would have to prepare for a long few nights to work on them.

He grinned to himself now, eyeing a well dressed forsaken walk to the bank, taking out heavy sacks of gold and silver.
he had found his favourite prey, fellow forsaken. They saw themselves as invincible, that they have esacped death and now are immune to it.

How he loved to remind them of how wrong they are, most would always try to strike deals ,cower, squeel, and the best thing was they could take as much punishment, more, than any of the other races.

His eyes traced the noble forsaken leaving the area and heading towards the lifts, slipping into the shadows he began to follow.

He wondered about Rotarm, if he would ever have him under this knife some day, he could easily go to the crypt he left him at and wait til he awoke, but he knew that maybe he would get more fun out of him in due time.

Taking out a chain from his neck, he glanced at the two seals of sylvanas, one his, one othragons. Clicking them together thinking, he put them away again and continued following the unknowing forsaken, at least he had something to do tonight.
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