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PostSubject: Enire   Sat Mar 06, 2010 4:52 pm

Character Name:
Former: Erine Ashard
Current: Enire

Character age:
Year of Death: 20 (Age: 18)
Undead Age: 7

Character Race:
Former: Human
Current: Undead Human (Forsaken)


Gregory Ashard - Father (Deceased)
Lillian Ashard - Mother (Deceased)
Orson Ashard - Older Brother (Status Unknown)
Gamaliel Orchid - Fiancé (Status Unknown)

Deathstalker Enire (to most other Forsaken); Undead Huntress (to certain Denizens of Kalimdor)

Role in the House:
Currently undefined; Enire remains as a servant of the House so far


"Her blonde hair covers the scars of her "resurrection", the eyes that were taken from her during Arthas' attack on Stratholme are now replaced by leather and iron straps utilized by the Scourge's necromancers in order to forever curse her. On the other hand, despite some natural scars and rotten flesh, Enire's body was conserved rather well through her "undeath", were it not for the scars on her eyes Enire's beauty would have remained as her final link to what she once was."

"Enire's hunts and travels have changed her... With a little aid from The Royal Apothecary Society and her Revered status amongst Undercity denizens, Enire has regained her previously lost beauty and vision, despite her body showing the common signs of decay and pestilence, her face remains intact, smooth... perfect!
Though, despite having her beauty once more, the vain Enire still hungers for vengeance and is more then willing to serve those who have granted her power and beauty, her loyalty to the Forsaken is unquestionable!"

Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: None/Glowing Yellow (Chemically induced vision)
Skin Colour: Pale White-Blueish


To understand the story of "Enire", one must first understand the story of Arthas' genocide on the village of Stratholme, during the early events of the Third War, and how one family, the Ashard Household, was slaughtered by the Paladin's Knights. Erine Ashard was the youngest daughter of Lillian and Gregory Ashard, when she descended from her room to witness the reason of her mother's scream, she was greeted with a blade to her eyes, blinding and sequentially killing Erine Ashard.
Her body was buried rather then burned, which was the case for many of the corpses in Stratholme, after it was purged by Mal'Ganis and Prince Arthas, it is still not quite clear who buried it, but many suspect that it was either her brother, Orson Ashard, or her fiancé, Gamaliel Orchid, whom had returned to Stratholme in time to witness its downfall.

Much later, while the Death Knight Arthas had been summoned to Northren by his master, the Lich overlord Kel'Thuzad established Stratholme as his capital and the prime position for his fortress, the Necropolis Naxxramas, it is then that he discovered Erine Ashard's grave and brings her to life through a Necromantic Ritual (utilizing leather and iron straps to cover the open wound positioned were her eyes used to be). Erine Ashard, the undead, was then a mindless soldier of the Scourge, it was during an assault on the Forsaken town of Brill that she was, once again, killed, this time by the blade of Executor Zygand. Her body is transported then to a mass grave in Deathknell.

The body that formerly belonged to Erine Ashard is awakened in Deathknell by the Forsaken Shadow Priest Sarvis, with her free will regained she renames herself "Enire" as a statement that she is to become all that Erine Ashard was not, she will no longer seek love, only revenge; she will no longer follow the Holy Light, she will destroy it; she shall no longer stand idle by while the world changes around her, she will instead carve her name into the world as she carves deep wounds upon the backs of all those who choose to cross her path.

As a member of the Forsaken:
Enire has proven herself as a valuable addition to Sylvanas' forces as a Deathstalker, her loyalty to the Forsaken and her Dark Lady is unquestionable, however the same cannot be said for her loyalty towards the remaining Horde forces, though she has aided the people of Crossroads during her training in Kalimdor, and has earned friendships amongst Orcs, Trolls and Tauren, her association with the Shattered Hand clan and obvious dislike for the Kor'kron Overseers (usually demonstrated by insults and taunts) has lead a few to wonder were her loyalty stands.

Barrens Training:
After realizing that she was not able to assault Shadowfang Keep with her current knowledge and training, Enire left to the Western lands of Kalimdor in order to meet with members of The Shattered Hand clan that would provide "new" training tactics for Enire. Once there, she proved herself a competent hunter and assassin and a valuable aid to not only The Shattered Hand but also to the Horde citizens she aided (in return for some form of payment, of course). She has gained the affection of the citizens of Crossroads and Camp Taurajo, amongst other locations, and has been a common sight in The Cleft of Shadow, in Ogrimmar.

Enire returns to the Eastern Kingdoms once she finds herself competent and far more powerful, she is now a trained huntress and an assassin, a deadly combination of skills for any Rogue.

Beauty Reborn:
Upon returning to Tirisfal Glades, Enire has contacted The Royal Apothecary society for the required procedures to grant her back her vision, and allow her beauty to shine through once more, many worry that she may have grown vain and overly proud of herself, however this seems to motivate her further.

Shadowfang Keep
Shortly after her return to the Eastern Kingdoms, Enire plans and leads an assault on Shadowfang Keep, were she eliminates not only Arugal but his high-ranked servants, as a trophy of said assault, the Deathstalker takes the Archmage's magical dagger with her.

Return to the Barrens and Assault of Ashenvale
After demonstrating her new found skills in contested Eastern Kingdom territories (mostly upon Hillsbrad Foothills), Enire returns to Kalimdor yet again to further her training in the forest of Ashenvale, were she has assaulted a few Night Elven settlements and challenges herself with ever increasingly difficult hunts.

Association with the House of Sylvanas
Upon her return to the Undercity, Enire seeked an audition with the famed Lady Daidrax, head of the House of Sylvanas, what exactly occurred during the audition is unknown to all those who are not members of the house, but Enire has certainly become associated with the royal house, even if such association meant her servitude...

Enire at War
Having retuned to the Eastern Kingdoms and finishing her duties amongst the denizens of Tarren Mill, Enire is called upon to serve in the Arathi Basin, thus she travels to the nearest settlement of Hammerfall were she aids daily in both pushing back Alliance forces in the Basin and assaulting the local camps of Witherback Trolls, Ogres, Syndicate Thieves and even Stromgrade (from were Trollbane has been reported missing ever since).

Asketel, the Apothecary Demonologist
Enire has also called upon the services of Asketel, a Warlock and Apothecary who's aid has proven most useful to her, particularly due to his findings while in Silverpine Forest.

Arugal returns?
Asketel contacts Enire urgently, it appears that Arugal's magic has returned to Shadowfang Keep! Enire, who had attacked the keep herself months ago, rushes and plans a mighty assault alongside Asketel's demonic magic, she is surprised to find that one of Arugal's "children" has taken his place, this disciple was quite capable of taking his master's mantle and resurrecting the fallen guardians through Necromancy, yet he fell before Enire's blades, his mantle was then taken and given to Asketel as a reward for his services, and as a symbolic statement, that no more acolytes of the Archmage were to ever take upon his heritage and mantle once more!

Journey South
Though her services in the Arathi Basin are still required, Enire has also been called to aid the Kargath Expeditionary Force in the Badlands, she remains there now aiding the settlement of Kargath, facing off the dangers of the Badlands and assaulting the Dwarven Settlements up North, periodically returning to the Arathi Highlands to complete her services in the Basin.

Silvermoon Expedition
Enire is called from her duties in the Badlands to join House members in a reconnaissance mission in Silvermoon, regarding certain activities involving House denizens and the Sang Real.

"Keep your nose clean in Booty Bay!"
Enire has been known to travel further South to aid Grom'Gol denizens assure their position in the jungle, she has also done a few odd jobs for the locals of the Goblin city of Booty Bay.

Enire, the spy
Alongside stalker Zuzana, Enire is called upon by the House to scout and acquire information on the Scarlet Crusade's activities in Tirisfal Glades, their discoveries would bring grim news on what would otherwise be days of triumph, as the Lich King had fallen.


Irremediably confident and self-centred, Enire rarely bends her will to that of others (especially not under arguments that call upon emotions or events that remind her of her former life), she is, however, known to be unquestionably loyal to her "Dark Lady" and thus to the Forsaken.
Her fascination with the female form, especially when conversing with others, has lead many to speculate about her "private life", speculations that she does not condone.

She has also shown signs of potentially instability and sadism, particularly when dealing with matters that may concern her past life.

Hobbies and small pleasures:

Enire can never say no to a good hunt, she truly enjoys pursing and ambushing beasts.
She is known to skin animals and utilize their leather to craft her own armour.

Combat Capacity: Though promising and capable of handling her own even against far more experienced members of Azeroth, Enire is incredibly vain and has, in more then own occasion, been forced to run by groups of individuals whom, otherwise, she would have been able to dispatch of rather rapidly.
Due to being an experienced"artist" in subtlety, Enire requires specific conditions to truly overpower an opponent. (though, when these conditions are met, she tends to succeed in any attempt).

Strong: The Deathstalkers, The Forsaken Defilers, The House of Sylvanas
Mild: The Horde, The Cult of the Forgotten Shadow
Minor: The Royal Apothecary Society, Ravenholdt, The Shattered Hand Clan
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