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 Within the Bowels of the Undercity

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PostSubject: Within the Bowels of the Undercity   Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:14 am

Deep within the labyrnth, the Dark Lord of the House of Sylvanas, Archnazg Magnark, plotted and brooded. He sat at a large desk, spiders webs sprawled all over the desk, and some had now grown over the Dark Lord as he sat, eyes half open, staring forward.

He was now the Shadow Lord of the House of Sylvanas, dwelling deep within the mind of the Undercity, ruling in proxys, he secretly ran affairs. Though, he had not issued any orders in a good few weeks.

The Shadow Lord, an item of darkness, and an icon of Forsaken tenacity was entirely rid of mortality. He slowly peeled his eyes open, a dim light now visable, he projected his gaze forward.

The room was lit by hundereds of barely glowing candles. All oxygen had been starved from the room. Dead bodies and smashed up furniture lay all over the place. Maggots and vile roaches littered the floor. The ceiling was low.

Barely moving, he lifted his fingers onto the desk, and carved into a huge parchment a rune. It glowed in darkness, and an image appeared of the Dark Mistress.

When Daidrax noticed it, she would be able to see a massive image of the Shadow Lord in his vile lair deep within, all elements of his hideous location visable.

"Dark Mistress. The situation of the House is adequate. There is work to be done."

His voice is hoarse, and projected on several different, ghostly levels.

"Keep the situation adequate, train our ranks, make them prosper. Once you feel you can, let us make our next move against the Living."

"I have sent a courier to you. In its possesion there will be a case, it will contain several shards. Five shards must be burried over Azeroth and Outland, where they will never be discovered."

The lips of the ghastly presence barely move as he speaks, grounded like an ancient statue.

"Five corners of the world, they must be hidden. This is important, Dark Mistress. For when I return there will be cataclystic movements in our realm."

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Within the Bowels of the Undercity
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