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 Immortality is not for all...

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PostSubject: Immortality is not for all...   Tue Feb 16, 2010 6:23 am

The Lord Baron sat at his black, engraved oak desk staring into the flame of the candle that lit the near area close to his parchments. This once proud, powerful and immobile Deathknight sat limp and slouched in his chair.
Wheezing and spluttering he sat, for hours thinking back to his ascension and his past living life, pouring over ever detail of his growing up, of that grizzly night jotting and making notes as he thought, casting aside a plea from the apothecaries to reinforce the landing he started a new parchment.....

"As the hallowed bell tolled for the tenth hour, I stood in that....that slime.."

His thoughts raced through his mind.

"Maybe it is something to do with the ritual. Why now am I stricken with this infernal weakness?! What is this I am stricken with?! I am a Death Knight, I am Forsaken, I am immortal! Why does this illness latch to my chest and proceed to break me?!"

Before the though left his head he coughed and wheezed violently, his throat growling on his black clotted, undead blood.
He reached for his glass of wine but in the fit his hand knocked it aside sending the expensive contents pouring over his desk. The coughing continued getting persistently worse until he heard a knock on the chamber door to which a gentle voice soon followed.....

"..My lord....My Lord are you alright?"

Baron Dawnrunner was able to make out the voice sounding like Jeanie.

"Fetch the Apothecary!" He spluttered fighting off the coughs and a strange pulsing pain he had never felt before, certainly not in Undeath.

"Yes my lord, of course.....I need an Apothecary immediately!" the voice trailed off down the hall.

He managed to regain his composure for a moment and pulled a fresh parchment towards himself.

"Until, this is resolved....Im not...taking chances...."

He began to write...

'The Last Will and Testament of Lord Baron Arcturas Flareion Dawnrunner, heir Lieutenant of Tranquillien in life, Governor of Vengeance Landing and High Executor to her Majesty Sylvanas Windrunner in death......'

((This is just some writing I was inspired to do, Arcts. not going anywhere just yet. tis' a meer plot line as Arcturas seems to cough a lot yet no one knows why....."
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Othragon Rotarm


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PostSubject: Re: Immortality is not for all...   Tue Feb 16, 2010 6:06 pm

(( Arct can have Oth's lungs, he only smokes the finest Loch Modan tobacco weed cigarettes ))
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PostSubject: Re: Immortality is not for all...   Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:29 pm

(( And Daid will be happy to give Arct Oth´s lungs xD ))

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PostSubject: Re: Immortality is not for all...   

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Immortality is not for all...
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