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 Aeol leaves the building.

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Crypt Baron

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PostSubject: Aeol leaves the building.   Fri Feb 12, 2010 1:36 am

Well where to begin...

First off, i know the timing is everything but perfect, as Arch has uni again, Arct has uni to somewhere in the future and Oth leaving. It's not 'I'm gonna leave this guild as everyone is leaving anyway' as reason i leave.

The reasons i do this are the following:

I got a bit demotivated of rping with Aeol in the period of the drama about the power coupe etc. That demotivation made me flee a bit on Ilariel, my hunter, which i began to lvl and allso started to try out rp with. It was in that period i fell in love with the belf ranger rp on Ilariel. This may have been noticed and cursed upon by ppl, which i understand.
Anyway i had much fun on Ilariel and didn't feel motivated/eagered anymore to play on Aeol much.
Than a little while back, two of my best RL mates returned to WoW, it was them that made me start playing WoW in the first place. And both them as I are/were eagered to play together again with us 3 and having fun like in the old days again. At first i was planning to transfer my druid back and have Aeol and Ilariel at Horde, but than i started thinking...
Basically, i hate lvling, so bringing my druid back would mean lvl it to 80 again, and if he would be 80 i would have to spend tons of time again into farming hcs to get him descent enough to be able to do some raid here and there at allies. Allso my RL work/school stuff started again and makes me have less time to farm/lvl my drood fastly. So all these stuff made me come to the decision of factionchanging Aeolthelwen instead.

So the faction change should happen monday evening if nothing goes wrong.

I'm still gonna keep Ilariel on Horde side and i'm allso gonna play him mostly and rp on him, Aeol i'm gonna use to have random pve fun with my RL mates.

Anyway, i want to thank all of you for the lovely time i had in HoS. I hope my decision won't have a to big effect on the guild moral (though something tells me it will Crying or Very sad ). I may have been an officir but as you all may have noticed, i'm not the sort of dedicated/motivated man for such a spot probably. Anyway i wish you all the best of luck and hope to see House of Sylvanas still tagged under player names when i cross the realm on a Dwarf DK. If you see such a dorf go /hi at you, than don't take it to icly for it will only be me saying hi oocly. If you gank me or hug me, i couldn't care less, for the last thing i'll do is go QQ /cry /wank at ppl because they have fun in the game.

I'm gonna keep Swamp in the House, if you ppl are angry for my decision or don't want such a non active troll in your guild, feel free to kick her out. Maybe one day (next expansion?) i may lvl that pesky girl and pick up some rp on the rogue again, but that's futuristic music.

A big wave to you all and may we still stumble across eachother in the World of Lovecraft,

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Othragon Rotarm


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PostSubject: Re: Aeol leaves the building.   Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:23 pm

Good luck on yer dwarf mate, though Aeol did lost importance after the coup and Ila being... well, an elf, it's you, Kasper, we'll miss the most! Please show up on the channel and amuse us with your depravity and insanity mate, i for once will truly miss it! =)
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PostSubject: Re: Aeol leaves the building.   Sat Feb 13, 2010 11:20 am

Boo! Hiss! bad Aeol!!!

Kidding! We all play this game for fun above everything else so go play with your friends and try and pursuade them that Horde is way better anyway and to ...nah kidding again Wink

Try not to forget us over here though Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Aeol leaves the building.   Sat Feb 13, 2010 1:50 pm

Well, atleast I´ll have someone to gank when I´m bored Rolling Eyes


Payback time is nearing,
and then our flag will fly...
against a blood-red sky!
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PostSubject: Re: Aeol leaves the building.   

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Aeol leaves the building.
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