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 Caaell's return

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PostSubject: Caaell's return   Wed Feb 10, 2010 2:33 am


A dampened, yellowed scroll brashly folded lies on the table. On the top face reads ' Addressed to Fenris Keep on urgent House business. To the recipient, please deliver to Lord Archnazg with haste'


I feel obliged to return to the House after an impromptu leave since a grave and imperative matter came up many weeks back. I do not feel I should explain my motives behind this other than a mere personal errand, however complexities arose during this, forcing my self-imposed exile.

What originated as a mere personal qualm escalated into events beyond my own control. It seems I uncovered somewhat of a conspiracy surrounding...previous events. Following this I forced myself into voluntary banishment until things could be sorted adequately. I am sorry I did not bring this issue to the attention of the House sooner, but I would rather not waste the house's time and resources through requistions from a personal demur.

The details are fraught however. All the House need know is that I am returning to the House of Sylvannas to resume duties immediately.

Your Faithful and Humble Servant of Sylvannas

Caael Breth Crimar
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Caaell's return
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