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 [story] Torgadon's Demise [Timeline: 5]

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PostSubject: [story] Torgadon's Demise [Timeline: 5]   Sun Nov 15, 2009 6:06 pm

‘M’lady…’ Kadris looked up at the Forsaken standing in the entrance to her office as he dry-washed his hands and tipped his head respectfully. ‘Human spotted on the perimeter…’
‘Alone?…’ Her chill hollow tone corrupted the air.
‘Yes, M’lady.’
‘Good.’ She purred as she rose from her chair. ‘I will deal with it…’
She stalked past the innkeeper, snapping her fingers at her ghoul. The rotting troll carcass lurched into motion following its mistress. She issued orders to the Deathguard as she summoned her mount, its bones rising from the dirt and taking shape before them. She threw a leg over the winged skeletal beast and settled herself.

‘I want four of you, when we find it take it down… immobilise but do not kill.’ She turned her heels to her beast and it launched them into the air. Four Deathguard saluted and jogged out into the wilderness, each drawing their curved blades. From far above she scanned the ground, smirking slightly as she watched her ghoul, her current favourite, shambling as quickly as it could to keep up. A short time later her quad had located the human and set upon him.

She landed a short distance from the fray and watched with a dark smile. Corigo, her ghoul arrived so she sent it in.

The human put up a good fight, she grudgingly admitted as he decapitated the ghoul. She sighed. The four Deathguard took the human down. Stepping forward she ordered the Deathguard away.
‘Good… now leave us…’
She closed the distance on the human as they jogged away. A hungry malevolent smile crossed her features as she eyed the man and knelt beside him. He panted heavily, eyes wide. The pain he was feeling already apparent. She unbuckled his pauldrons and breastplate.
She slipped a curved knife from a sheath on her side and hooked it into his sweat and blood soaked shirt, running it up and along, effortlessly cutting it open, revealing his flesh beneath.

The smile disappeared from her face, though her hood hid it in shadow. He froze.

‘Scream for me…’ Her voice rasped harshly as she drew the blade up from his navel to his sturnum, deep enough only to cut the skin, not the muscle beneath. She made another cut, as she did so, she peeled the skin from him. His agonised screams ripped through the air.

Torgadon watched the four deathgaurd as they left Kadris alone, to prey on the human they had just beaten. He bared his teeth in disgust, realising what she was doing, then decided it was his chance now to approach her.

He stalked carefully toward her, making good speed in his ghost wolf form, and then at around 40 strides from her, he shapeshifted back into his bulky tauren form. She still hadn't noticed him yet, so he walked up slowly, forming lightning around his fists, now he would be able to finish her off, like he should have when he first fought her.

Raising his large two handed axe, enchanting it with fire, he stopped only 10 strides behind her.
'Heartsbane... now you die, wretch'.

Her head snapped to him as she rose, her rapturous grin washing from her face, caught off guard. Torgadon's deep voice rumbled calling down the skies, a bright blast of chained lightning arced at her, razing up her flesh as it knocked her onto her back, and scorching the downed human beside her.

He walked up, shaking his head and grinning, 'Pathetic, I knew you were nothing but talk'. This was easier than he thought, now to kill her then get on with the other work he had planned.

He looked down at the scorched human's remains, grunting. At least it wasnt getting peeled alive. He placed his hoof on its burnt skull, crushing it, standing over her, holding his axe for the final blow. She looked up at him, her pale face bared as her hood had been knocked back from her fall. Her teeth gritted as the electricity sparked through her, discharging into the earth.

She seemed to be speaking, he didn't care or bother to listen to her snake tongue.
'No one will know you died, scum. I will burn your corpse to cinders...' he grinned, lifting the axe overhead. Her expression broke into an amused sneer with a small flick of her wrist. He jerked his head back as he felt something smash against his face and he was aware of her cold laugh as she rolled away from him. He blinked his eyes, trying to clear his vision.

Green... There was green muck all over his eyes... his face. Burning... He dropped to his knees, grabbing his face, coughing and choking on the vile fumes it emitted with a hiss, clawing at the muck as it ate him.

Kadris rested on her elbow some distance away watching in rapt attention as the Blight tore screams from the tauren, the likes of which she had never heard. She watched and listened until he screamed no more.

She grunted in pain, finally back to herself after the spectacle and called her ghoul to rise and return to her side. The troll corpse twitched and jerked, its severed head rolling back to the body and re-attaching to its neck. It shambled to its mistress. With its aid, she stood and weakly summoned her skeletal mount. She cast a final glance at the still form of the tauren as she heeled her mount into the sky.
'Fool.' Her voice low.

The undead beast carried her away, her ghoul following in her wake.
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[story] Torgadon's Demise [Timeline: 5]
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