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 Relocating Deathguards to Tarren Mill

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PostSubject: Relocating Deathguards to Tarren Mill   Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:47 am

Tarren Mill, misty and dimly as always, and ugly,macabre as unsurprisingly for a shabby town,But today it is not quite as always, preparations had been made days before, every single man, woman and child is aware of this very grim day. Even steeds in stables,cows in barns act strangely as if they are also in awereness of the battle.

Kaamar peers around, elevated enough to see others on the back of his steed.He seems tired and nervous, tapping on the hilt of his sword continuously,mumbles something to himself.

"Have I forgotten anything - No, no, I had done all necessary things - stop worrying!"

It is not the time to worry for preparations, the clash is nigh, and Kaamar knows that- He inhales deeply, clears out his mind from anxiety,but still tapping.

Orcs,Taurens,Elves, they are as ready as Forsakens, for aid or flaunt, neverthless, they are here, and discussing tactics. Crowded, dust shrouds all town, denizens do not seem unwell from the dusty air unlike others. Breathing might not be healty sometimes.

Kaamar wrings his hands,concern crossing his unliving visage as Dark Mistress approaches. He may feel uncertain for anything today, but he knows one certain thing which is Lady de Creatu is not a benign person.

" Sir de Otar, report quickly as we have no much time" Lady de Creatu says haughtily.

"Your highness, as you ordered, I had deployed twentyfive deathguards in Hillsbrad Foothills. I had chosen them from Undercity regiment as though the Sepulcher Guards await in Silverpine Forest, in order to hinder the enemy who might pass through our bloackade."Kaamar says hoarsely.

"You are surprising me, Sir de Otar - But relocating a bunch of troops should not be so hard, the importance is how you stationed them !" Lady de Creatu yells.

Kaamar's eyes wide opened, a fake smile spreads across his face.Sir Necurah near the Dark Mistress seems worried for Kaamar, on the other side of Dark Mistress, unlike Sir Necurah, Lady Skye shows no relent in her icy cold eyes.

"Your Ladyship, according to Sir Necurah's reports - " Kaamar drawls, glances at Sir Necurah briefly to get his approval, as Sir Necurah nods swiftly, he speaks more comfortable,clearing his throat with a hacking cough-"I had stationed fifteen deathguards around Darrow Mill, and I ordered to rest stay nearby the town as they had already dug ambushes, and await to erupt forth upon my signal."

"I see" Dark Mistress says curtly."If we win this battle, you shall take your troops back to Undercity, and meet me in ruins, If we do not, simply kill yourself before I do." Lady drawls in hushed tones.

Kaamar swallos audibly, and only find strength to nod slowly.

Dark Mistress and her companions rides towards gathered Horde army, leaving Kaamar with more worries.Watching them leaving, Kaamar mumbles to himself again...
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PostSubject: Re: Relocating Deathguards to Tarren Mill   Sun Feb 07, 2010 10:58 pm

(( Well done mate!!! Bout time we saw something written by you, keep that up!!! =) ))
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Relocating Deathguards to Tarren Mill
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