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 [RP] Dark Deeds....

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PostSubject: [RP] Dark Deeds....   Tue Feb 02, 2010 4:24 am

The Dark Lord sat in his huge armchair over looking his massive desk. He sipped on a glass of wine, and stood up. Behind his desk, he stood, eyes peering at the massive, ancient window. Rain poured down, and howling winds blasted upon the old walls of Fenris Keep. Lightning thrashed against the trees outside. Though despite this, there was an eery silence inside the room.

Lady Daidrax Sunbrand, a most promising Dark Ranger of the Forsaken stood onfront of the desk, she eye'd Archnazg carefully, her slender, perfect form ignited in the flashes of lightning.

"Lady Daidrax."

Archnazg spoke, as he withdrew the glass from his pale, thin lips.

"I have a new order."

The dark ranger looked at Archnazg, her red eyes ignited under her hood. She took her hood down, long, shining black hair flowing down over her body, her blood red lips smiling slightly.

"Of course, my lord."

She focused her gaze on the shadow priest, who was hooded in black, and with a long cloak flowing over the floor and around him.

"You must take over my governorship of the Undercity and assume my role of leadership in the House of Sylvanas."

Archnazg narrowed his eyes, peering out the window.

"Only for a while. You see, Lady Sunbrand, I have plans for us. We shall go far, our elites. We must prepare and look for the future, for I have seen much. Very much."

The Dark Lord turned, to face Daidrax, and in a flash of obsidian, he stood next to the Dark Ranger. She turned her gaze to him.

"I must disappear for a while."

He walked to the door of the study, dark shapes opened the doors and the two passed through.

"I will be, once again, working underneath Lordaeron. There are many talks in the air, and I must play my role. I must rule from under the surface, the Shadow Dark Lord. You must answer to me, yet you will appear to be the mind of the House."

The Dark Lord and ranger walked slowly along a corridor lined at the sides by twisted and wretched statues of strange beings. There was no sound but the steps of feet.

"I will not fail you, my lord. The House is too important to the Forsaken. Without us many Forsaken would fall under the crippling influance of the Living."

Daidrax's expression overcame with sick delight.

"I will enjoy this task, my lord."

Archnazg created a sick sound that could have been laughter.

"Yes... Dark Lordship comes with a lot of power, De Creatu."

And so the two Forsaken walked on, exchanging comments, gloating in their twisted tongues.
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[RP] Dark Deeds....
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