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PostSubject: Nercaz.   Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:50 pm

*Nercaz truts up to the Archives, looking around curiously*

"Your a new one, arnt you?" The scrollkeeper eyes Nercaz up and down.

*Nercaz creaks and wheezes as he turn towards the hooded figure, slummped over scrolls, he almost seems frozen in place, dusty*

"I guess i am..Sir" *Nercaz shrugs lightly as he is given some sheets to fill out, he sits down and starts scribbling*

Name: Vargon 'Nercaz' Leafrunner
Age: Died at age thirty two (Been undead for about a week at time of writing)
Race: Human
Mother: Isabell - Dead
Father: Meridoc - Dead
Sister: Isadora - Alive
Wife: Mellyrn Leafrunner - Alive
Daughter (Unborn): Isabell

Titles: Argent Crusader, Ex-Leader of the Southshore Milita, Ex-Commander of the Third lions Regiment, Ex-Crimson Guard.

Role in the house: Crypt Neophyte

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Yellow
Skin: Pale

Weapnonry: A wide arrey of weapons, skilled in close combat and. He will use anything that draws blood to secure victory.
Armor: Heavy armor, plates.
Magic skills: He can now summon his forsaken warhorse, thats it.
Proffesions: A skilled Blacksmith and Miner.

Personality: Used to be confident, secure, determind. Post mortem: Unsure, lost, without a cause yet.

Alligment: Unknown, undecided.

Likes: Training, bettering himself in combat as that is all he thinks he has left, the lust for battle and victory
Dislikes: Himself, The ones hunting him for what he has become.
Persuasion techniques: Anything to make his mission a succses.
Seeks to become: Human again? Aware as a forsaken.
Looks up to: Arshes 'Provocatures' for reasons unknown and the The dark lord for not letting the scourge enslave him.
Envies: The living, those he left behind, those who holds their heads high.
Most used method of slaying a captured foe: Swift death, decapitation.
Most proud of: His wife and his unborn daughter.
Most ashamed of: Failing as a human and becoming undead.
Ultimate dream: Unknown at the moment.

Born in: Hillsbrad Foothills.

History: Much of his history is becoming shrouded due to recent events (becoming undead)
A soldier in every way, and rose to his rank, Commander, through the theramore army.
Was sent to Southsore to set up a defence against the stubborn nobles of alterac and the forsaken raiders at Tarren Mill. Married an elf, blessed by the druids of Moonglade.
As the Argent Crusade rose in Northrend, Highlord Tirion called him to arms, there he rose to become a crusader.
Aldur`Thar, where he lost most of his men in his first tour of Icecrown
became an obbsession to get back to as he was dismissed and return to the eastern kingdoms.
Swiftly after his return Lord Silverlaine restationed him to Redridge where he started the Third Lions regiment to stop the advancing blacrock orcs.
He also become a close friend and ally with the Stormwind Militia.
Ultimatly, internal events caused the Council to split up and Vargon followed Lord Silverlaine back to Northrend and become his second in command of the Knights of The North.
Vargon soon gathered the reminants of his former argent soldiers and tried to take Aldur`Thar once more.
This is where he faced death and as the scourge tried to enslave him, Archnazg 'The dark Lord' used his powers to free him and Vargon, Nercaz, is now in his ranks.
Content in still having his free will he tries to become aware and understand his new path.

*Nercaz folds the parchment up and hands it to the scrollkeeper who places it in his archives*

" what?" Nercaz slumps out of the archives, keeping his head low as he passes other forsaken.
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