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 Arshes (Provocate)

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PostSubject: Arshes (Provocate)   Thu Jan 14, 2010 9:45 pm

*Arshes the Provocate walks into the Archives noding at the Scrollkeeper*

Arshes: Evening.. sir.. i were sendt to Fill in my profile?

Scrollkeeper: alright? *hands her the sheet* just fill this in and il file it.

*she sits down on a desk, leting the quil work over the sheet wrighting*

Name: Arshes
Age: 124
Race: Kaldorei
Sex: Female
Mother: Dessy -Dead
Father: Barthow -Alive
Sister: Sylvena -Alive
Daugther: AriƤna -Dead

Title(s): None

Role in the House: Throne Provocate, and general intellegence gathering ammongst the alliance.

Hair Colour: Green
Eye Colour: Shiny Light blue
Skin Colour: White

Weapons used
Staffs for when i use my necromantic skills, a sword if i have to take care of it myself.

Armour/garments used, in and out of battle
Out of battle i use my traditional Robes, the same as i use when im undercover ammongst the alliance, in fight i use a traditional Dark armor.

Magics/spells used

Professions studied and to what ability
Other than my necromancy i have little studdys behind me, yet ive started to master it quite well.


Neutral evil

Likes: When things are going oure way
Dislikes: imbicils wasteing my time
Persuasion techniques: Seduction, generaly beeing nice
Seeks to become: Stronger, More powerfull
Looks up to: Nobody
Envies: Nobody
Most used method of slaying a captured foe: Let the Dead eat it
Most proud of: The fact that i can appear as a liveing night elf, beeing able to gather information much easyer.
Most ashamed of: My extreeme sexual addiction if i stay ammongst the liveing for to long
Ultimate dream: Of a perfect Forsaken Global society, a Hiredric rule with oure queen ontop.


Born in: Ashenvale
Pre-House info: Has been wandering around with the liveing alot.

Four years ago i came to Eastern kingdoms in a group of druidic Exchange students, alot have happend since then, yet most if it is rather uninteresting.

Now the reason for there beeing two of me, me and my indentical sister.

A long time ago i as a druid had a crash with nature, Robed of my powers i wanted them back, i found an anchent ritual of ballance, i needed a person of order, Light, Dark and a person of the elementals for it to work

yet as all the "Components" saw that the dark component of the ritual was the notorious Xariandra, they refused to help. seeing i had no other chance i let Xariandra preform the Balance Ritual alone even though i knew it would be a high chance of falure.

And failure it ended with yes.

The result of me was myself, and an identical version of myself. created by the shadows it became my minnion, nothing but a shadowy figure following me around, doing as i pleased.

yet as i broke out of the cult after a series of events, i became self aware again, my eyes were not clouded anymore, at that time ive grown into a potent necromancer with a basic understanding, yet my minnion seemd to become self-aware to, alive, free so to speak. I had no longer full controll over it, so it became "Otherone"

and so it started, me and my undead self lived mostly seperat lives yet we always had a mental connection, my undead half, the one you people now know as "Scrapwind", the Engineer, and i keept feeling eatchother, always connected, always aware of where and what the other person was and so on, shareing thoughts, informations, feelings, mood.

Scrapwind came to the forsaken lands, beeing pickt up by Miss Tee of the Theatre of Cruelty, and later joined the House, while i myself stayed around Elwynn, practiced my necromantic and Mental Arts.

Scrapwind however dissapeared some time ago, Frozen stuck in the icecrown glacier somewhere.

seeing as i always had her thoughts and feelings, i feelt the House was more my home than anywhere else, even though i rarely visited the undercity.

To gain Undeath was simple, and as i look like my other half, exept biger since i am less decayed. so i easly got access to the House, shareing my other halfs memmory i could easly blend in.

then to gain the Rank of Throne Provocate within the house was a great honnor, to defend the Forsaken Nation with all my Hart.

Yet some time ago we recovered Scrapwind, found her at the Naxxramas, or rather, she assaulted us under it, seeing she was taken prisoner by the scourge shes gone from a undead elf in a engineering suit, to something diferent, her body has become one with the suit shes wearing, without it shes nothing, week, without the ability to do anything realy.

As for myself Beeing a Person of the dark arts i have no problems camuflageing myself as the liveing, the last months as Scrapwind has been ammongst the house i have spendt time "Alive" watching the Militias and the council for vital information, yet nothing wothy of the houses concern has yet to surfice.

though i have attended a few Meetings with the house, where this confusion of Two Arsheses has emerged.

*she stands up folding the Sheet togeather handing it to the scrollkeeper*

Scrollkeeper: you sure used a long time miss.

Arshes: yes.. its gona be a pain for anybody who wants to read it.

*she smirks a bit then walks off*
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PostSubject: Re: Arshes (Provocate)   Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:46 pm

*Dark Executor Macabrart moves into the Royal Archive with a darkened aura around himself*

Aeolthelwen: 'Any interesting new stuff gained, Scrollkeeper' *a scraping deep voice says*

Scrollkeeper: 'Ah but ofcourse... Interesting indeed.. this two identical and strange looking persons came in to fill in their past.'

*Aeolthelwen blinks for a moment at the Scrollkeeper, but it gets followed by a smirk pretty fast*

Aeolthelwen: 'Ah finally... i have asked them to do so.. as they confuse the House members to much... Now where are you waiting for, bring me those documents, for i am eagered to read them!'

*The scrollkeeper goes after the scrolls swiftly and gives them to the Dark Executor with a heellicking bow followed*

Aeolthelwen reads both the scrolls with a cackle here and there...

Aeolthelwen: 'Excellent... Excellent... So my Provocateur is spying with those Human cocksuckers is she... very well... The Dark Lord will be pleased when reading this... Maybe he'll even see some use in this 'blending in'. '

*The Dark Executor cackles maniacly as throws the scrolls on the table again and rudely walks off without saying anything to the Scrollkeeper*
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Arshes (Provocate)
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