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 Arshes (rogue)

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PostSubject: Arshes (rogue)   Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:18 pm

*Arshes the Rogue walks into the House information and registration archives, she gets a sheet from the local Scrollkeeper*

Scrollkeeper: just fill thees lines, havent you been around forever? why havent you done this yet anyway! record keeping is important!

Arshes: i were told to come here to explain the situation between me and my simular twin sister, i dont have time for papperwork!

Scrollkeeper: Just fill in thees lines mam, and itl be alright.

*Arshes sits down with a desk, clearly not used to wright to much she tryes useing the Inc and quill the best she can to fill in the sheet*

Basic Information

Name: Arshes
Age: 124
Race: Forsaken! and a bit of elf
Sex: Female
Mother: Dessy (dead)
Father: Barthow (Alive)
Sister: Sylvena (Alive)
Daughter: Ariana (Dead)
Son: Unknown (Unknown)
Myself: (Undead)
Title(s): Just.. Arshes
Role in the House: Engineer, also used to stand by Doc in his Arena Matches though those goblin games. Also does side work with them Shadowstalkers

Hair Colour: Green
Eye Colour: None
Skin Colour: Dark white sort of Gray ish.

Weapons used:
My Engineering suit

Armour/garments used, in and out of battle

Magics/spells used
*crude text* Magic is for wuzzyzh

Professions studied and to what ability
Proclamed Worlds best engineer 8th month ago

Freedom fighter!

Chaotic Good or Neutral or just Chaotic, so says my friends.

Likes: Challanges
Dislikes: Friends arguing ammongst eatchother
Persuasion techniques: Ask nicely
Seeks to become: Im happy as i am
Looks up to: Doc
Envies: Nobody
Most used method of slaying a captured foe: None
Most proud of: My engineering Title and works!
Most ashamed of: My Sexual-addiction past, luckely the lust faded in death.
Ultimate dream: To rid the world of the oddspeakers, the one that is called "OOC Tards".


Born in: Ashenvale
Pre-House info: Was a part of the Theatre of cruely, Miss Tee helpt me alot when i were newly dead.

*She turns to the Scrollkeeper*
Arshes: Whats Biography?

Scrollkeeper: its is a description or account of someone's life and the times, which
is usually published in the form of a book or as here, keept in the records

Arshes: My life story? forget it this is takeing way to long!

Scrollkeeper: but would not Biography explain the situation between you and your twin dual sister?

Arshes: Forget this, this is booring! il send her in to fill this in later i dont whana do it

*She stands up and lets the Record sheet lie on the deks*

Arshes: just stick it somewhere or something i dont realy care.

Scrollkeepr: you cant just go with this unfinished! you have to fill it in!

*she turns walking outside yelling in the doorway* Il do it later! i want to try my new Power implant for the Shouldercannon!

*The scrollkeeper sights, takes the sheet and puts it into the registration Archives*

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Othragon Rotarm


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PostSubject: Re: Arshes (rogue)   Thu Jan 14, 2010 5:35 pm

Peering on the balcony over the Scrollkeeper's office, Rotarm laughed genuinely.

"Now there goes one of a kind.... "
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PostSubject: Re: Arshes (rogue)   Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:16 pm

Daid chuckles quietly from the corner, well hidden in the shadows.

"One of a kind what, Sir Rotarm?"

(seems like we dont have anything better to do but stalk Arshes. Also, I couldnĀ“t resist posting this reply to you Oth xD )


Payback time is nearing,
and then our flag will fly...
against a blood-red sky!
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PostSubject: Re: Arshes (rogue)   

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Arshes (rogue)
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