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 [story] Disease the Alliance scum! [Timeline: 3]

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PostSubject: [story] Disease the Alliance scum! [Timeline: 3]   Sun Nov 15, 2009 6:03 pm

The two death knights watch Stonefield farm's inhabitants from a short distance with chill stares. Dark twisted smiles spreading across their pale faces almost simultaneously. Dracanos’ tone rumbles low and menacing.

“Look at the pathetic fools... Come, they are ours for the taking.”

Kadris smiles malevolently and the two stride into the farmstead, blood red cloaks billowing in the calm summer breeze. A calm soon to be broken. Dracanos corners a Stonefield woman, roughly snatching her to his armoured chest by the throat with one hand and wrapping his other around her to pin her arms. He whispers harshly to her.

“Sylvanas Windrunner sends her regards...”

She lets out an explosive grunt as Kadris slams a gauntleted fist into her gut before prising her mouth open wider to dribble vile putrescent green fluid in. Kadris clamps a hand over the woman’s face preventing her taking a breath. The winded woman’s eyes bulge in terror. Words corrupt the air as Kadris speaks in a chilling rasp.

“Swallow or suffocate, wretch...”

Tears stream down the woman’s face, her body jerks as she struggles to get air. No choice. She swallows but the pressure isn’t lifted. Kadris watches her with a twisted grin, waiting a moment more before removing her hand. Gasping in a breath the woman lets out a hacking cough. Dracanos releases her from his grip. Drawing his sword he pounds the hilt into the woman’s head as she coughs helplessly. She crumples to the ground in an unconscious heap.

The two death knights smile darkly at each other and move on to the next human, until each has received a dose. Humans and livestock alike, all given their due share...

(( Slowly their flesh will boil and rot, their open wounds will pour with puss and infection, leading to a very slow, painful death... The seal of Sylvanas was burned into their flesh. ))

following story by Archnazg

Archnazg looked to his five accomplices as the Deepforge Tram blasted along. There were five of them, Lord Archnazg Magnark, Sir Drakarm Gorwath, Yalson, Raszanath the High Apothecarion and Lady Celiena Duskraven the Blood Knight.

They prepared themselves for battle. When they arrived at the Stormwind end of the tram, they silently sneaked out, into the Dwarven District.

"Follow my lead."

Archnazg speaks, quietly. They summoned to their control their Death Chargers, and glided swiftly through the streets, any guard who had the courage to stop them met a swift end.

They were at the Magic Quarter, by the well. Archnazg nods to Raszanath. She removes the lid of a vial and drops it into the water below.

"Sylvanas Windrunner sends her regards!" she yells, the screeching voice echoes throughout the district.

"To the Old Town." The others nod, and swiftly run down to the canals. In a piercing dive, they leap into the water, and sink deep down to the bottom of the dark canal. Making their way to the Old Town, they climb up from the below.

Their presence had been somewhat unnoticed till now. Groups of guards began jumping out at them, though they met a quick end.


The five of them run to the well in Old Town. Again, Archnazg nods to Raszanath, she drops in another vial. With that, another wave of guards approached. They were no match for the group, bursts of Light and Shadow came from Archnazg as the group fight.

"Into this building. We hold up here untill the teleport is ready." There is no question to Archnazg words. Inside, they fight on, the Stormwind Militia had been informed of their presence, and the House had battered back the men they'd sent. After more battle, bodies lay everywhere.

"It is time." He speaks quietly. And the shouts to the Militia "Enough blood for today!" With that, the Forsaken begin to channel a spell, and within seconds disappear into thin air.

"A success, well done House. Now - spread the word in Stormwind, once everyone find out their water is filled with plague... they'll have a mass panic on their hands."
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[story] Disease the Alliance scum! [Timeline: 3]
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