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 Desdimone De La Saronno - 'The Saint'

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PostSubject: Desdimone De La Saronno - 'The Saint'   Sat Dec 26, 2009 1:30 am

Basic Information

Character Name: Desdimone De La Saronno (Maiden name)
Character Age: At death 23, currently mentally about 35
Character Race: Forsaken
Sex: Female
Family: Eduardo De La Saronno (Father), Lucia De La Saronno (Mother) Elisetta and Bianca (sisters, both married.) Enrico (brother). Conrad Davenport, Earl of Dunglass (Former husband, currently living in Stormwind)
Title(s): Governess of Silverpine, Lady of the House, 'The Saint of Shadows'
Role in the House: Former Dark Mistress, advisor to the Dark Lord, Oracle, Wildcard.


Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Brown (under the usual forsaken yellow glow)
Skin Colour: Pale

Weapons used : Tongue and intellect.

Armour/garments used, in and out of battle : Mona most often is seen wearing her massive gowns, of taffeta and lace, often in black or dark blue, with heavy skirts and corset top. She usually dresses in very conservative, noble manner.

Magics/spells used : Mona prefers to keep her abilities to herself and is careful about people not knowing too much about said part of her talents

Professions studied and to what ability : Mona is a very skilled dipliomat and has intense abilities in acumen, managing and embroidery (tailor)

Personality : Often merely docile and delicate, Desdimone is calm, sweet, chatty and dear in every way shape and form, though she is prone to tempers over seemingly silly things. She is sensitive and sometimes childish, ladylike, understanding and kind- Those who know her better know her to be quite diffirent. Mona to them is insistant, sly, manipulative and very headstrong. She can get very cruel and agressive if need be and her true anger is rarely raised, as she has very good control of her temper. She allowed her mock personality to run her through the day, often only letting go of it with very few and trusted people whom she considers worth her actual attentions.

Alignement: Neutral evil with chaotic tendancies

Likes: Gardening, puppeteering others, embroidery, political intrigue, arguing with Fathius
Dislikes: Foolish, overconfident boasting and planning, rude people.

Persuasion techniques: Kill'em with kindness, mental manipulation, win them over.
Seeks to become: A God.
Looks up to: Noone really.
Envies: None - envy is a sin.
Most used method of slaying a captured foe: Why slay them if you can turn them into working for you? Adoring you? Beliving you? That is a waste of manpower...
Most proud of: Her award winning roses
Most ashamed of: Her inability to produce a child for her husband while living
Ultimate dream: Mona doesn't dream anymore. Not after Fathius managed to restore her balance.

History : Born as the youngest child into the small but pestigious family of De la Saronno, Desdimone was brought up in a pious and very restrained household, and made it her simple mission to enter a convent when of age. Those plans were changed when a marriage proposal came along from the Earl of Dunglass and then the master of the Fenris Island hold, Conrad Davenport. Desdimone was 16 at the time and even though she pleaded with ehr father to allow her to enter the clergy, the young Desdimone, not having even in her life seen the outside of the Da La Saronno lands, left for Silverpine to marry a man old enough to be her father, as his third bride. Davenport had been married twice before, loosing his wirst wife in childbirth along with his child, and his second wife after a 10 year marriage to a carriage accident. The Child Bride was taken in hopes to finally produce a heir.
On her wedding night the bide locked her chaimber doors, begging her husband to leave her be, and allow her to join a convent. Her please were ignored, and she entered the society as the wife of this wealthy man.
Years passed and Desdimone failed to produce heirs, even though many doctors tried to help, and even more unusual methods were brought in. She kept away from thenoble society for the most part trying her best to follow her soul and help the poor and less fortunate.
This and her given looks of somewhat angelic apperance earned her the nickname 'Saint Desdimone' amongst the people, and as a mocking nickname amongst the noble born. Wehn the plague then came, Davenport was forced to go to Stormwind in errands for the king, leaving his wife along to run the household. As the plague struck she refused to leave, and remained aiding the poor, the sick and the sying to her best abilities, giving more power to the simple people's belive that she was more then a mortal woman.
Desdimone contacted the plague in the end, and at the Bonfires of Loarderon she was burned by the scarlet crusade, on a rainy, stormy night...
the story goes like this :

'The Saint came to the crusaders, asking them to make her body pure as her spirit. As they tied her to the stake they wept, for the destruction of a woman so pure. - But the fire would not take her. Naught of her body was harmed but the soles of her feet and the hem of her gown. - And the Crusaders took Saint Desdimone, to be buried in the mausoleum of her family.'

Desdimone died of smoke poisoning, her heavy wool dress so wet that is protected her form form the fire, that was allready halted by the rain and the wind.
The 'Saint Desdimone' continued appearing to the sick and dying while the plague ran it's course, and in the end she was revered by the Crusade as a Patron Saint of those who died at the bonfires. Mona awoke as scorgue, but was too primitive in mind to get out of the massive, mausoleum, and was locked there until she broke free to become Forsaken.
Mona seemed to have massive abilities, even in life, and the legend of the saint made her allready slightly iinsane mind even more nuts. She Entered the House as 'Salvation of the Forsaken' and an oracle, where she began her carreer under Nefernefer, and by having a turbulent co-existance with the shadow Priest Archnazg.
After the first fall of the House, mona was left as the sole bearer of the Tabard, and the Banner, and took it onto herself to rebuild it. After massive spats, Archnazg came back to the House, and the two started the Second Rise, ending that era when Mona handed Archnazg the title of Dark Master.
Later, after a very angry spat, Mona left the halls, and took with her the massive power she helt though instable, ending in a small nuclear war and ultimetly with Archnazg taking her back and helping her by placing her in a magic induced coma, causing her to loose her balance ability and turning her into a more manageble form. Mona has been a passive part of most internal intrigue in the House, sometimes out of sheer interest of for her own amusement, even participating in plots for people's assassination. Weather she'd go through with it is a question left unaswered, but she's a wildcard of the sort that people usually just try to keep on her good side.

Born in: Redridge, on November the 1rst, at the De La Saronno Manor.
Pre-House info: None, Mona awoke from Death, walked into town, found Nefertiti (current Mistress) and said 'I was sent to you, I am salvation for your people'.
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Desdimone De La Saronno - 'The Saint'
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