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 [story] New death knights for the House [Timeline: 2]

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PostSubject: [story] New death knights for the House [Timeline: 2]   Sun Nov 15, 2009 6:02 pm

Ten hooded figures glided through the Eastern Plaguelands on their skeletal horses. They were all robed in black, baring the tabard of the Queen's House. They find their way to a particularly large ziggurat... in there, bore the creation of the second and third Death Knight created by Archnazg Magnark.

Count Dracanos Sunbrand and Lady Kadris Heartsbane gave their souls to Archnazg Magnark, and were gifted with empowered runeblades, and charged with Shadow and Death magic. The House prepare for full blown war.

The above by Archnazg, below by Kadris

Arcturas stood, eyes burning with resentment at the two Death Knights-to-be. Their new blades flickered darkly with Shadow waiting to surge upon their last breath. His jaw muscles flexed as he ground his teeth. No waist-deep in green slime suicide for them, they would have the honour of dying in battle to complete their transformation… and no deathly army for him, yet. More waiting. By Kel’Thuzad’s hairy arse he was sick of waiting. The bitter disappointment was overwhelming.

Archnazg’s haughty tone echoed off the aged stone.

“We return to Undercity. Open a portal.”

The air shimmered and whorled as the gloomy city materialised within the enlarging portal’s confines. One by one the House stepped through after their Patriarch, Arcturas the last, clenching and unclenching his fists with ire.

The muffled buzz of the portal’s energy washed over him becoming the familiar dripping, hollow sound of his home. Glaring white hot anger he turned to Archnazg. His tone low and harsh in barely controlled fury.

“You.. made me slaughter myself in the excrement of Apothecarium abominations…” His muscular chest swelled beneath his dark armour as he inhaled his next breath.
“Yet these… shall die with honour in battle.”
Archnazg shifted his stance slightly and watched the angry death knight silently from deep within his black hood. His calm yet menacing voice emanated from the darkness.

“Honour? I think you have mistaken yourself. We do not care for honour. In any case, times have changed, Lord Dawnrunner. New information come to light. Had we known then what we know now, you would have had this opportunity as well. Calm yourself.”

“Calm myself.” Arcturas grew chillingly cold. His expression became empty though his eyes still burned. His tone lowered, equalling the menace of Lord Magnark.
“And what of my army of death knights? I … tire… of waiting…”

Archnazg sighed in amused tolerance.

“Have patience Lord Dawnrunner. It is not long now until you shall have all you wish for.” He turned his attention to the gathered figures. “You are all dismissed. Shadow guide you.” Archnazg turned to make his way past, his night black robes brushing the chill flagstone floor. Arcturas’ burning eyes flared and his lips pulled back in a tight-jawed snarl. He swung around and lunged at Kadris, standing in line with Dracanos, now attired in their grim armour. His powerful left hand snapped her up by the throat while his right drew and raised his shadowy runeblade.

“I have waited long enough! I will wait no more!” He roared as he raised the blade over his shoulder and viciously stabbed it downwards into her chest. The sound of rent metal and cracking bone split the air and echoed off the stone walls as the crossblades punched through her ribcage. Kadris jerked, braced for the impact by Arcturas’ grip. Her eyes wide she looked in shock up at him before returning her gaze to the weapon embedded in her chest up to the crossguard. Shadow seeped from her weapon into her. Her blood streamed down the length of the blade protruding from her back. She looked back up into Arcturas’ eyes and a strange smile crept across her features. Her body shook as she let out a cough, blood dribbling a ruby river from her mouth down her throat and onto the death knight’s hand.

Kadris’ eyes drifted out of focus. Her own runeblade clattered to the flagstones. Arcturas tore his blade free, the crossblades once again cracking bone and spattering blood over him. Her head slumped forward and she crumpled lifelessly to the floor.

The whole room stood in stunned silence as they watched Arcturas, unmoving with his arm outstretched to where he had released Kadris’ body from his grip.

“And thus I choose my first and most loyal.” He muttered absently as he stared at the torn form slumped in an expanding pool of blood. Seeming to come back to himself he knelt and rested her blood-slicked weapon on her body before standing and turning back to Archnazg.

“This one I will have now.”
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[story] New death knights for the House [Timeline: 2]
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