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 The House Of Sylvanas, anew

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PostSubject: The House Of Sylvanas, anew   Tue Dec 15, 2009 11:50 pm

(( old story, back when the House reformed ))

Deep in the Undercity, a restricted access crypt is filled with undeads that listen intently as an armor plated warrior speaks:

"Men. The day i have been long waiting for has finally arrived!" If something similar to joy could be measured in a Forsaken, this one obviously had it as he walked around the room, talking. "The Royal House has returned!" Some of the men and women cheered, others inquired about this House that carried the name of the Banshee Queen: "Who are they, captain?" "Are they to be trusted?" The warrior took a place in the center of the room and silenced his men with answers: "They are the Royal House of our Queen, they express and enforce Her ultimate wills. As for trust... " - the warrior paused for a second, then continued - "The Deathguard has always been allied with the House, we bring forth the majority of military maneuvers, according to our Lady's and her House's desires." Taking some steps around the room as he pondered, the captain continued his narrative. "I too, was once a member of it, however, i trust only a few of them, as i see many new faces among their ranks. You shall do the same even though they might seem strangers to you, respect and mutual cooperation is expected, but keep in mind who you are and what you have sworn to defend, Deathguards... ours is a military guard force; diplomacy, magics and science are the House's domains, keep that in mind at all times."

Dismissing his men, the captain stood alone in the crypt, deeply envolved in his thoughts. "By Sylvanas, the Royal House sure was missed... order is at hand, finally." With a maniacal cackle that resonated through the crypt mazes, the captain vanished into the shadows, his strenght and will renewed.
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The House Of Sylvanas, anew
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