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 [story] A new life - A dark beginning. [Timeline: 1]

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PostSubject: [story] A new life - A dark beginning. [Timeline: 1]   Sun Nov 15, 2009 6:01 pm

"Now, Aradren! Shoot it now!" came the sharp order from the woman, jewelled earrings shone from her long tipped ears, her hair the colour of sunlight, a bright contrast to the grim surroundings.

"Lorriah, no!" the elven man's desperate shout echoed above the tumult of battle around the gloomy crypt. Another knight fell to the ghostly minions of the shade. His beautiful wife, gleaming in the armour of Blood Knights charged, ranseur raised at the dark, looming shadow figure before her. It turned its head slowly, the black haze of its body following in turn to face the new threat. A face, barely discernible billowing in the shadow's head twisted into a nightmarish grin as its malevolent chuckle violated the ear.

A thousand voices in torment resonated deeply. Ten thousand screeching voices wailed in agony. The air itself screamed in protest at the creature's rasp.

"What isss thissss?..."

A black tentacle of darkness shot from it and wrapped itself around her, snapping her up. Lorriah snarled and struggled as it swept her up close in its chill embrace and leered, casually slapping away another knight with a bonecracking thump of darkfire.

Aradren trained his sight upon the creature, his muscles rippled powerfully beneath his tan leathers as he drew back on the bowstring. His breathing slowed. All sound muffled to distant murmurs, his vision narrowing, narrowing...

There was only the target. There was only the arrow.
He became the arrow. And loosed.

The slim golden arrow, enchanted by priests for this very task flew true. His heart leapt up into his dry mouth as he watched the arrow sail through its mark with seemingly little effect. The voices roared in fury. Lorriah screamed out, rasping in agony as the dark tentacle tightened around her, dark shadowy tendrils sinking into her flesh.

The priests had been wrong... Aradren drew his weapons and ran toward the darkness bellowing the name of his love. If they were to die this day, they would at least die together. He felt a brief pang of sadness for the new life nestled within her. Images of his wife's glowing elation as she had told him the news flashed through his mind. His fury at what he was to lose stoked into a burning need to avenge them, before he had no life left with which to exact it.
Lorriah's tormented screams filled his ears. The creature's dark chuckling increasing in volume as it slowly tore the soul from her, Aradren’s hate was white hot within him, his fiery red hair ablaze and blades flashing as he leapt across a filthy pool of black corruption at the glowering foe.

The foul chuckling ceased.

A tiny gleam of light pierced forth from the shade where the arrow had struck, growing in intensity. Light began to consume darkness. It's face billowed and whorled in panic. It glared at Aradren.

"What have you done?"

Realisation dawned upon Aradren. He glared back and roared in triumphant defiance, thrusting his blades aloft. Sensing it's end drawing near as light overcame it, the shade focused its final revenge upon the screaming woman. It would meet its end and take her with it.

The shade paused then, regarding its victim. Perhaps not. A broad horrendous smile opened up across its face as the last of its form was razed. Its final icey words whispered intimately close to her ear set her flesh crawling and a stinging shudder up her spine.

"Thank you... Mother..."

In the sudden deafening silence Lorriah dropped limp to the cold floor. Aradren rushed to her side, sliding to a halt on his knees and dropping his weapons to scoop her into his embrace.


The remaining few weary knights freed from battling the vanquished shade's minions approached and stood solemnly around them. He drew her hair back from her deathly pale face. Her skin felt chilled and clammy to the touch. Her luminous green eyes, filled with horror opened briefly to look at him before drifting closed once more.

Later that year in the dark chill of winter, Lorriah Sunmarch gave birth to a strangely pale skinned girl-child with hair the shade of dark slate.

They named her Kadris Sunmarch.

And she would become the source of much heartache.
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[story] A new life - A dark beginning. [Timeline: 1]
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